Second hand Laptops

Unfortunately, there is a negative history that caused a stigma to cling to the notion of buying the best refurbished laptops. I get it to an extent, however, what I don’t get is why this negative vibe is there in a society where it is actually encouraged to buy a used car.

Actually, the process for buying a used vehicle is very similar to that of getting a refurbished laptop computer. Of course, the financial risk from buying a used car is higher but, honestly, we shouldn’t be so scared of getting a refurb and I am going to let you know why.

Some Facts About Second Laptops

Currently, our economy is not doing great. One issue many folks have with getting a refurbished laptop computer is the risk of not getting the best features or performance. Even though this is basically true, you have to also consider your actual computing needs and decide what it is that you want from your refurb versus what you need. As an example, I asked some of my readers if they actually need to have a laptop that costs over $1,000 and a little less than half said no, they do not. Interestingly enough, 40% of the readers that said yes because they like to have the best of everything and not necessarily because they can’t do without the features that come with the more top-of-the-line laptops. Simply put, the majority of us are buying laptops and don’t even need the majority of the features or jacked-up performance that come with them.

It’s kind of funny when you say “used laptop”. A report from outlet stores and other people that sell refurbished laptops say that the refurbs most often are returns which have been used for 30 days or less. When they get returned, the laptops get a good working over and inspections to ensure that they are still as good as new. Refurbished laptops are also often just demo models from computer stores and other electronics retailers. Also, once in a while, the refurbished machines are just discounted because they are overstock items that need to be moved, so they get marked down and sold as refurbished despite never having been used.

A majority of legitimate retailers will provide a return policy and some kind of one year warranty on their refurbished laptops. This should help give you a little confidence in buying one. For those of you that are chronic worry warts, a lot of these places will also provide you with the option of buying an extension on your warranty which, when included in the cost of a refurbished laptop, is still much lower than buying one that’s brand new.

Where To Find Refurbished Laptops

A Refurbished Macbook Can Perform As Well As A New Model.

In order to find a quality refurbished laptop computer, you are going to need to know where to look first. Do yourself a big favor and avoid places such as eBay or Craigslist. While it might seem like you’re getting a great deal, you never really know who you’re dealing with there and the odds of you getting burned are much greater. You will be much better of, not to mention drama-free, if you stick to either the laptop manufacturers themselves or an authorized refurbished laptop company. The reason for this is simple, the manufacturers, because they have their brand names attached to the products, actually make effort to inspect the refurbished laptops to make sure they will not harm the brand. They also have programs in place that allow them to offer the warranties and extensions on the warranties.

Apple Refurbished Macbooks: Okay, let’s be real here, the odds of getting a Macbook for less than a grand is no small task, however, there are some refurbished Macbooks out there for anywhere between $799 and $1049. As far a performance goes, you can get a refurbished Macbook and be sure that it’s going to perform every bit as well as any other brand’s new models.

Dell refurbished laptops

As you would imagine, this system lets you to pick the amount of previous usage that you are willing to accept, which also provides you with more monetary flexibility. All Dell refurbs come with a 1-3 year limited hardware warranty. Just be certain that you go through all of the inventory for your selection to discover the best deal to meet your needs.

Dell offers you three options in how you can purchase laptops from there Outlet.

  • Certified Refurbished: Laptops that are sent back to Dell, sent through the production process, and then again inspected to make sure that they meet all original factory specs (might have minor cosmetic damage).
  • Previously Ordered New: Laptops that were shipped out to a customer who opened the box, but decided to return the system without ever turning it on. All of these computers have undergone testing and repackaging by the Dell Outlet. Previously Ordered New systems do not have any cosmetic damages.
  • Scratch and Dent: Laptops with some cosmetic blemishes have no ill effects on performance. Scratch and Dent laptops are not going to have scratches or pits on the screen, missing or illegible letters on the keyboard, or damage to the touchpad or palm rest. These laptops have also went through a rebuilding, testing, and inspection process.

Lenovo Refurbished Laptops

As it is with Dell, Lenovo provides you with three options in regards to outlet laptops:

  • New: A laptop computer was ordered, then canceled, and never shipped. These are the best of the refurbished laptops
  • Redistributed: The laptop was delivered but was returned without being opened. This means the customer never even used it.
  • Refurbished: The laptop was returned and the seal has been broken (means it was opened and likely used). The customer might or might not have used it.

As it is with Dell, Lenovo also tests and inspects all of these products prior to selling them as refurbished, redistributed, or new.

So, if you are hoping to get a laptop and you don’t have a lot of money,  I hope this has convinced you that:

  • you should make sure you know what your computing needs are and only buy a laptop that meets those needs and
  • buying a refurbished laptop computer is not only safe but it can also be a smart move

Finally, don’t allow the horror stories scare you from checking out refurbs. Stuff happens, and people tend to be vocal about that stuff when it does happen, however if you are working with legitimate retailers, the risk is minimal at best.

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