What Type of Laptop User are You?

To choose the right Laptop – one with the right set of features for you at the right price – you’ll need to figure out how you’ll want to use your laptop. Check your main needs to one of these user profiles below to get started.

Are you a Home user?

Home users are more and more turning to notebooks as their primary PCs; they like that laptops can offer similar performance and features to those of a desktop PC and can be easily moved from room to room. Though of course almost any notebook will do for typical home use, there are two types of notebooks most suitable for home users: mid size notebooks, which tend to be budget-friendly, and desktop replacements, which are usually packed with features.

Are you a Student?

Students and others on a tight budget should look for a laptop that delivers the most bang for the buck. In particular, students need a notebook that is small and light enough to lug back and forth across campus but rugged enough to withstand bouncing around in a backpack.

Are you a Business Traveler?

If you spend a lot of time on the road, size and weight are the two most critical factors in choosing a new notebook–even if it means sacrificing a little on performance and features. The smallest and lightest notebooks, ultraportables, weigh less than four pounds and are no thicker than a spiral-bound notebook.

Are you a Business power user?

If you rely on the same notebook at work, at home, and on the road, you need a well-balanced system. And it has to deliver the performance to keep up with a wide range of applications. A thin-and-light is just the ticket.
Are you a Multimedia author or Gamer?
If you demand more from a notebook, you’ll need a true desktop replacement. Whether you’re designing a Web site, editing home movies, or mowing down aliens, your notebook will demand a powerful processor, plenty of memory, great graphics, and a healthy hard drive.

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