You Go Natural Shark Tank US – Pitch and Investment

Shark Tank US featuring the company You Go Natural. Monique Little and David Dundas, the CEO and COO of You Go Natural, are seeking $400k for 5% of their business. They present their product, which is a line of easy tie head wraps designed to protect and promote the health of the hair with a super soft satin lining. They also introduce their latest invention, a swim turban made with silicone lining to protect against salt water and chlorine damage.

The sharks are impressed with the product but raise concerns about the company’s financials. While You Go Natural has achieved impressive sales of $15 million, they have also experienced losses, including a $2 million loss in the previous year. The sharks question the company’s inventory management and customer acquisition costs. Despite the impressive sales, the sharks are hesitant to invest in the company due to the uncertainties.

Ultimately, Mark Cuban sees potential in the product and offers $400k for 10% equity. However, Monique and David counter with an offer of 12% equity. They also propose a debt deal with royalties to the other sharks. Mark agrees to the deal, accepting 10% equity and the royalty arrangement.

Monique and David express their gratitude towards Mark for his investment and mention that his expertise and presence in Dallas will be valuable for their company’s growth.

Overall, the pitch showcases the innovative product offered by You Go Natural, but also highlights the challenges faced by the company in terms of financial management. The negotiations with the sharks demonstrate the entrepreneurs’ determination to secure a deal while ensuring the best terms for their company’s future success.

Emi Offers