Smart Helmet Shark Tank India – Company Profile, Pitch and Investment Details

Altor Smart Helmet is world’s first software-enabled helmet module to make bike rides easier, safer and more efficient – specifically targeted towards increasing the fleet efficiency of two-wheeler driven economies in the delivery, logistics and bike-sharing sectors.

Features of Altor Smart Helmet

This helmet made for day-to-day commuters, who need phone connectivity, infotainment & convenience, and at the same time who care about safety.

It come with fast Bluetooth Connectivity – a rider can accept and reject calls on-the-go, invoke Google Assistant for audio navigation, all from inside the helmet itself, with a single finger swipe.

The entire device is OTA (Over-The-Air) Upgradable. So, the buyers would be able to avail all the updates that they develop for this product in the coming future.

The system detects whether or not a rider is wearing the helmet, and will only activate functionalities on proper wear. It has unmatched audio clarity even in half face mode. Most importantly, it can detect accidents and immediately informs the preset emergency contacts of the rider with the location details. It has 12-40 hours of battery life based on usage.

Their one-sided speaker provides the perfect audio for daily commute, while not compromising on safety. The rider at no point, gets cut off from the ambient road signals and sounds.

Altor Smart Helmet Price

Visit their website at just Rs 2999.


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