ShoupX Shark Tank India – Pitch and Investment Details


When the pandemic hit, people realized that they should change their lifestyle to stay healthy and fit. However, this can be difficult to do. Many people join classes or follow expensive diets to reduce weight, but this can also greatly reduce their bank balance.

To solve this problem, we came up with SoupX. SoupX is India’s first personalized soup-based meal brand. We make healthy soups to replace your meals, tailored to your fitness goals. We also provide freshly prepared, calorie-counted, and no artificial preservative soups, curated by our chefs and nutritionists. After testing it in the market for five months,

SoupX started in December 2021. Now, we have more than 99 varieties of healthy soups available. Our customers can order on demand or buy a subscription. Our vision is to make SoupX India’s number one healthy soup-based meal brand, and we are here to fulfill this mission. Our ask is 75 lakhs.

Uttam and Priyank are the co-founders of SoupX, a healthy soup-based meal brand in India. They got the idea for SoupX when they were participating in a food distribution drive during the pandemic and received a call asking for more soup.

They noticed that it is expensive to change one’s dietary lifestyle and that there are no healthy soup brands. They combined these two observations to create a complete meal replacement plan that is less expensive and includes soup and a healthy side. Both Uttam and Priyank have business and technology backgrounds.

Uttam completed his engineering degree from IIT and has a summer exchange in entrepreneurship from ISB, Hyderabad. He currently handles technology and operations at SoupX. Priyank completed his MBA from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade and has experience in business development and marketing. He currently handles marketing and sales at SoupX.

SoupX has a shelf life of 6 months for their B2B node supply. Their CapEx and OpEx are low, making it easy for even novice chefs to open a new node.

SoupX offers both individual soup purchases and subscriptions. They also have a SoupX meal, which includes soup as the central figure and small servings of healthy sides, such as garlic bread, veggie bowls, salads, and whole wheat sandwiches.

These sides can result in a 30-40% calorie reduction in the weight loss category. However, one of the sharks expresses skepticism about the healthiness of these options and questions the founders’ understanding of health.

The founders defend their product and offer to show the nutritional value on their website. They also mention that their soups are freshly prepared with no artificial preservatives.

They have a strong social media presence and have received positive feedback from customers. The founders believe that their product is healthier than a typical dinner and can lead to overall improved health.

Uttam and Priyank are the founders of SoupX, a healthy meal delivery service. They developed the concept while participating in a food distribution drive during the pandemic and noticed a lack of healthy soup options on the market. They created SoupX meals, which consist of soup as the central dish and healthy sides such as garlic breads, veggie bowls, salads, and whole wheat sandwiches. The company aims to make healthy meals more affordable and has a gross margin of 70-75%.

However, one of the investors on Shark Tank expresses concerns about the founders’ understanding of health and nutrition, as they seem to consider sides like garlic bread to be healthy options. The founders explain that they offer a variety of healthy side options and that the soup is a healthier choice than a typical dinner. They also show the investor their website, which states that the soups are freshly prepared with no artificial preservatives.

SoupX has seen steady sales growth, with last month’s sales at Rs. 8 lakhs, the month before at Rs. 7 lakhs, and the month before that at Rs. 6 lakhs. However, the business is not yet profitable, as it spends Rs. 1-1.5 lakhs each month on commissions and salaries for the Chef and others, and around Rs. 70,000 on advertising. The investor expresses concern about the high burn rate and the fact that the founders are not yet working on the business full-time. The founders explain that they recently received funding of Rs. 25 lakhs to increase operations and were planning to work on the business full-time.

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