Groupon HDFC Credit Card EMI Offer


Groupon provides EMI options to some of the High Value Items.

Currently there is one option of HDFC credit card with 12% annual interest, There are three month and six month option.

Name of the bank Minimum order amount to avail EMI (In ) EMI Processing Charges / Interest Charges
Three Months EMI Six Months EMI
HDFC Bank See product listing 12% 12%
The table shows price of iPad recently example given for three month and six month.
EMI options will be available at checkout page.
Tenure (months) Loan amount Monthly installment Bank interest rate Total effective price you pay Interest paid to Bank
3 Rs 25690 Rs 8735.17 12.00% Rs. 26205.51 Rs. 515.51
6 Rs 25690 Rs 3,450.97 12.00% Rs 26596.62 Rs. 906.62


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