iPhone No Cost EMI with HDFC Bank Credit Card

Shop at Apple in a way that suits you. Enjoy up to ₹8000.00 instant savings on eligible products with HDFC Bank credit cards. Plus No Cost EMI from most leading banks.

iPhone Model Offer Discount (INR)
iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max ₹6000.00
iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus ₹5000.00
iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus ₹4000.00
iPhone 13 ₹3000.00
iPhone SE ₹2000.00

EMI Facilitation by Apple

Apple India Private Limited acts as a facilitator for EMI and No Cost EMI transactions. These payment options become available based on the total transaction order and the minimum order value set by the eligible card issuing bank. Additionally, the availability of No Cost EMI may depend on ongoing promotional offers by Apple.

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No Cost EMI Dynamics

No Cost EMI involves discounting the total interest payable on an EMI transaction from the transaction value. Users selecting this option will repay the principal loan amount and applicable interest to their eligible card issuing bank.

Eligibility and Tenure

No Cost EMI is applicable on 3- or 6-month tenures, catering to qualifying cards from leading banks. Card eligibility is determined by the terms and conditions between users and their card issuing banks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the representative example mentioned in the terms?

A1: The representative example provides an illustration based on a 6-month tenure, including the total cost, interest rate, No Cost EMI savings, and monthly payments.

Q2: How does Apple handle price reductions after an order is placed?

A2: If the product’s price decreases between order placement and shipment, Apple automatically reduces the price paid, issuing a credit to the original payment method.

Q3: Does Apple charge any processing fees for EMI or No Cost EMI?

A3: Apple does not charge processing or convenience fees. However, users should be aware that their eligible card issuing bank may impose fees according to their terms and conditions.

Q4: What happens in case of product cancellation or return?

A4: If a user cancels or returns a product purchased through EMI or No Cost EMI, Apple facilitates a refund following the Apple Retail India Sales Policy. Users should consult their card issuing bank regarding the impact on EMI, pre-closure, or interest charges.

Additional Considerations

  • Sharing of Transaction Information: Users acknowledge that Apple may share transaction order information with the eligible card issuing bank for processing purposes.
  • Liability: Apple emphasizes that it is not involved in approval, extension, pricing, or any matter related to EMI financing. Decisions in these matters lie solely with the eligible card issuing bank.
  • Complaints and Disputes: In case of complaints, disputes, or inquiries about an EMI transaction, users are advised to approach their eligible card issuing bank.
  • Age Requirement: To use the EMI payment option on the Apple Store Online, users must be 18 years or over.


As technology enthusiasts explore the Apple ecosystem, understanding the nuances of EMI and No Cost EMI becomes essential. Apple’s transparency in outlining terms and conditions ensures users can make informed decisions when opting for these payment options. It’s a testament to Apple’s commitment to providing a seamless and transparent shopping experience for its customers in India.

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