realme exchange offer

You can easily exchange your old mobile while buying realme smartphone.

Make sure you follow the steps correctly.

Step 1: Go to the product page.

Go to the Product Page in this example we are buying realme narzo 60 Pro 5G

screenshot of realme product page and arrow pointing at exchange button


Step 2: Enter your old mobile details.

In this step check your PIN code , IMEI number and select your mobile model. As shown in below image.

Step 3 : Enter your old mobile condition.

Answer the following questions related to your old mobile for price evaluation.

question related to your old phone which need to be exchanged

  • Does the Phone turn on and is able to make and receive calls? (yes/no)
  • Does the Phone function properly? (yes/no)
  • Is your Phone body in Good Shape? (yes/no)
  • Is your Phone’s Screen in Good Shape? (yes/no)

Step 4 : View and verify your old mobile exchange value.

Deferred Exchange
Suggested if you want to exchange your device on later date after new device delivery.
Get assured value of – ₹4,120 for your current device*
How it works
1. Place order for new device at full-price
2. Delivery of new device by courier
3. Evaluation of current device
4. Payment of Assured Value


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