Motherboard cost for Vivo Mobiles in Service Center India [April 2024]

Mother board repair in official service center vivo price list based on model and configuration.

Vivo Mobile Motherboard Repair India

Vivo Mobile Name Motherboard Type Motherboard Price
T3 5G Main Board (8+256G) ₹12,500
T2 Pro Main Board (8+256G) ₹12,500
T2 Pro Main Board (8G+128G) ₹12,000
T2x Main Board(6G+128G) ₹7,500
T2x Main Board(4G+128G) ₹7,000
T2x Main Board (8G+128G) ₹8,000
T2 5G Main Board(6G+128G) ₹9,600
T2 5G Main Board (8G+128G) ₹10,000
T1X Main Board(6G+128G) ₹7,500
T1X Main Board(4G+128G) ₹6,600
T1X Main Board(4G+64G) ₹6,000
T1 Pro 5G Main Board(6G+128G) ₹7,500
T1 Pro 5G Main Board (8G+128G) ₹8,000
T1 44W Main Board(6G+128G) ₹7,000
T1 44W Main Board(4G+128G) ₹6,300
T1 44W Main Board (8G+128G) ₹7,500
T1 5G Main Board(6G+128G) ₹9,600
T1 5G Main Board(4G+128G) ₹8,800
T1 5G Main Board (8G+128G) ₹10,000
U20 Main Board(4G+64G) ₹6,000
U20 Main Board(6G+64G) ₹6,500
U10 Main Board(4G+64G) ₹5,500
S1 Main Board(6G+64G) ₹8,500
V30 Main Board (8+256G) 14,000₹
V30 Main Board(8G+128G) 13,500₹
V30 Main Board(12G+256G) 15,000₹
V29 Pro Main Board (8+256G) ₹16,500
V29 Pro Main Board(12G+256G) ₹17,500
V29 Main Board(12G+256G) ₹15,000
V29 Main Board (8G+128G) ₹13,500
V29e Main Board (8+256G) ₹12,000
V29e Main Board (8G+128G) ₹11,500
V27 Main Board(12G+256G) ₹15,500
V27 Main Board (8G+128G) ₹14,000
V27 Pro Main Board (8+256G) ₹16,500
V27 Pro Main Board(12G+256G) ₹17,500
V27 Pro Main Board (8G+128G) ₹16,000
V25 Main Board(8G+128G) ₹13,000
V25 Main Board(12G+256G) ₹15,500
V25 Pro Main Board(8G+128G) ₹15,500
V25 Pro Main Board(12G+256G) ₹17,000
V23e 128G+8G Main Board (8G+128G) ₹11,500
V23 5G Main Board (8G+128G) ₹12,000
V23 Pro Main Board(12G+256G) ₹6,000
V23 Pro Main Board (8G+128G) ₹5,800
V20 2021 Main Board (8+256G) ₹6,000
V20 2021 Main Board (8G+128G) ₹5,000
V17 Main Board (8G+128G) ₹5,000
V15 Main Board(6G+64G) ₹11,000
V15 Pro Main Board(8G+128G) ₹14,500
V15 Pro Main Board(6G+128G) ₹2500
V9 Pro Main Board(4G+64G) ₹1,800
V9 Pro Main Board(6G+64G) ₹6,500
V9 Main Board(4G+64G) ₹4,000
X100 Pro Main Board (16G+512G) ₹36,500
X100 Main Board (16G+512G) ₹34,000
X100 Main Board(12G+256G) ₹32,000
X90 Pro Main Board(12G+256G) ₹34,000
X90 Main Board (8+256G) ₹30,000
X90 Main Board(12G+256G) ₹32,000
X80 Pro Main Board(12G+256G) ₹33,500
X80 Main Board(12G+256G) ₹30,000
X80 Main Board (8G+128G) ₹27,500
X70 Pro Main Board (8G+128G) ₹18,000
Y200e Main Board(8G+128G) ₹8,500
Y200e Main Board(6G+128G) ₹8,000
Y28 5G Main Board(6G+128G) ₹7,500
Y28 5G Main Board(4G+128G) ₹6,500
Y28 5G Main Board (8G+128G) ₹8,000
Y200 Main Board (8G+128G) ₹9,500
Y27 Main Board(4G+128G) ₹4,000
Y27 Main Board(4G+64G) ₹4,000
Y36 Main Board(8G+128G) ₹8,000
Y100A Main Board (8+256G) ₹12,500
Y100A Main Board (8G+128G) ₹12,000
Y100 Main Board (8G+128G) ₹12,000
Y56 Main Board(4G+128G) ₹7,500
Y56 Main Board (8G+128G) ₹8,500
Y35 Main Board (8G+128G) ₹8,000
Y16 Main Board(4G+64G) ₹5,000
Y22 Main Board(6G+128G) ₹7,500
Y22 Main Board(4G+64G) ₹6,000
Y75 Main Board (8G+128G) ₹9,000
Y21G 64G+4G Main Board(4G+64G) ₹6,000
Y21A Main Board(4G+64G) ₹4,000
Y21A Main Board(6G+64G) ₹2,300
Y75 5G 128G+8G Main Board (8G+128G) ₹11,000
Y33T 128G+8G Main Board (8G+128G) ₹9,000
Y21T 128G+4G Main Board(4G+128G) ₹7,000
Y21 Jio(4+64G) 4+64G Main Board(4G+64G) 6,000₹
Y20T Main Board(6G+64G) ₹2,500
Y21 (2021) Main Board(4G+128G) ₹4,000
Y21 (2021) Main Board(4G+64G) ₹2,200
Y33s Main Board (8G+128G) ₹4,000
Y72 Main Board (8G+128G) ₹10,000
Y53s Main Board (8G+128G) ₹4,200
Y20 Main Board(4G+64G) 6000INR
Y20 Main Board(6G+64G) 6500INR
Y15 (2019) Main Board(4G+64G) 5,600₹

Labour Cost :

Phones that are no longer under warranty might have an extra charge for labor on top of the part price.

If your phone needs a new part and it’s out of warranty, you’ll pay for both the part and the labor to fix it.

Service Name Labour Cost (INR) Service Description
No Part Used 150₹ If handset is opened and repaired without using spare part.
Part Used 250₹ If handset is opened and repaired by using spare part.
Service Repair No Charges No Labour charges for software update, download, handset cleaning, replacing accessories, etc.
Service Day No Charges Service Day
Cancellation of Repair No Charges Cancellation of Repair

You can follow below steps to get the exact amount for specific model.

  1. Open Vivo India Service website.
  2. Select your model to get estimate
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