AMC Ahmedabad Monsoon  Helpline

મહાનગર સેવા સદન, અમદાવાદ મુખ્ય કંટ્રોલ રૂમ, સંસ્કાર કેન્દ્ર, પાલડી, અમદાવાદ - ૩૮૦ ૦૦૭ ફોન નં.૦૭૯-૨૬૫૮૨૫૦૧ -૦૨ ફેક્સઃ ૦૭૯-૨૬૫૮૦૯૫૨   મુખ્ય કંટ્રોલ રૂમ, સંસ્કારકેન્દ્ર, મ્યુઝીયમ, પાલડી. ૦૭૯-૨૬૫૮૨૫૦૧, ૦૭૯-૨૬૫૮૨૫૦૨, ૯૭૨૬૪૧૬૧૨૦, ૯૭૨૬૪૧૫૫૬૦, ફેક્સ - ૦૭૯-૨૬૫૮૦૯૫૨ મધ્યઝોન મધ્યસ્થ ...

LazyPay – Complete Guide for 2020

  What is LazyPay LazyPay is India’s fastest way to get credit online. You can download the LazyPay App and discover unique credit limit. Normally credit limit is around Rs 2000 without KYC. LazyPay credit limit can be increased upto Rs 1,00,000 with an easy digital process. Use ...

SBI will block your Debit and Credit Card if you fail to do this

Your SBI Debit Card and Credit Card will be block if you fail to upgrade your card with EMV Chip. The biggest lender in the country has asked its users to upgrade their SBI cards to ones with EMV chips by December 31, 2018 on orders from the Reserve Bank of India. You need to visit your ...

No Cost EMI vs EMI

No Cost EMI is new term from 2016 , where some online and offline stores provide zero cost EMI or 0% interest rate. In Sept 2013 RBI (Reserve Bank of India) banned?zero percent EMI schemes In No Cost EMI scheme, some online stores like Flipkart, Amazon offer upfront discount on product ...

Emi Offers