How to Block and Report in Pococha?

You can block and report toxic behaviour in Pococha. The behaviour could include but not limited to below list. Sexual Comments Bullying Harassment Defamation What is reporting in Pococha? Reporting means letting the Pococha team know that a user might have done something wrong. ...

Is Pococha shutting down in US?

Pococha US has confirmed that they are not shutting down and, in fact, are experiencing rapid growth. They have recently expanded their team, including hiring a top executive from Japan who has relocated to the US to focus on taking the app to the next level in the country. Pococha is excited ...

Pococha would allow broadcasters to stream from a computer?

The question was asked if Pococha would allow broadcasters to stream from a computer, to which Pococha replied by thanking the person for the suggestion. They stated that they do not currently plan to focus on creating this feature, but may consider it in the future. Pococha emphasised that they ...

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