Debit Card EMI on Amazon – How to Get?

Amazon added more banks to its Debit Card EMI options, earlier there was only HDFC and not other banks like SBI, Axis and ICICI Debit Card supported.

How to check Eligibility?

You can check eligibility by adding your debit card to payment method.

  • Add your Debit Card to Amazon Payment Options
  • After added and verified go to Debit Card EMI page. I have added SBI, HDFC and Axis Bank but only HDFC and Axis Bank’s Debit Card EMI eligible.

How to buy using Debit Card EMI on Amazon?

  • On product detail page click on EMI Options and drop down you can view Debit Card EMI Details.
  • You can follow detailed steps on buy using debit card emi on Amazon

Important Notes

  • For SBI/Axis/ICICI minimum purchase is Rs 8,000
  • HDFC Debit Card minimum purchase is Rs 10,000
  • No Extra charges like processing fees, down payment.
  • Monthly payment will include interest.

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