Nomad Food Project Shark Tank India – Pitch and Investment Details

Nomad Food Project – Bacon Jams Relishes

About Nomad Food Project


Nomad Food Project started in 2019 at Pune, Delhi, Maharashtra, Delhi. Ask was Rs 40 lakhs for 10% equity with Rs 400 lakhs valuation. Deal was offered by Ashneer Vineeta Namita Ghazal at 40% equity for Rs 20 lakhs which makes valuation Rs 200 lakhs. This company / startup pitched in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 34.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Did Nomad Food Project got Deal on Shark Tank India?

Yes,Nomad Food Project got deal from Ashneer Vineeta Namita Ghazal with 20% equity for Rs40 lakhs

Which Sharks Invested in Nomad Food Project?

Ashneer Vineeta Namita Ghazal Invested in Nomad Food Project.
City Pune, Delhi
State Maharashtra, Delhi
Ask Rs 40 lakhs for 10% equity
Deal Offers Rs 20 lakhs 40% equity
Emi Offers