Menstrupedia Shark Tank India – Pitch and Investment Details

Mentsrupedia is Menstrual Awareness Comic.

Ask was Rs 50 lakhs for 10% equity with Rs 5 Cr valuation.

Deal was offered by Namita at 20% equity for Rs 50 lakhs which makes valuation Rs 2.5 Cr.

This company / startup pitched in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 6.

Menstrupedia, a company founded by Tuheen Paul and Aditi Gupta, made an impressive pitch on Shark Tank India. Menstrupedia aims to address the lack of awareness and knowledge about menstruation in India, particularly among young girls. The founders shared that if a girl does not wash her hair during her period, it could lead to inflammation in her uterus and even infertility. They also emphasized that touching pickles or plants during menstruation is considered taboo and the menstrual blood is considered highly impure.

To tackle this issue, Tuheen and Aditi quit their jobs in 2013 and used their life savings to develop an innovative product that educates girls about menstruation. Through their comic book called Menstrupedia, they have successfully educated over 1.5 million girls in India and several other countries about periods. Menstrupedia is the first comic book in India that teaches girls about periods through beautiful illustrations and stories, making them comfortable with the topic.

Tuheen and Aditi offered a 20% equity stake in Menstrupedia for an investment of Rs 50 lakhs, valuing the company at Rs 2.5 crores. Namita, one of the Sharks, made a deal with them for the investment, recognizing the relevance and importance of their business. She appreciated their dedication and the impact they have already made in the field of menstrual education.

However, other Sharks expressed concerns about the competition and the scalability of the business. They also questioned the need for funding in a field where Menstrupedia is unable to compete with major sanitary pad brands. In the end, Namita’s offer prevailed, and Menstrupedia secured the investment.

Menstrupedia’s vision is to free future generations of women from the misconceptions and stigma surrounding periods. They have a clear plan for expanding their product and creating a global impact. While some Sharks were skeptical about the business’s potential, Namita saw value in their mission and decided to invest.

Overall, Menstrupedia’s pitch on Shark Tank India showcased the importance of menstrual education and their commitment to breaking taboos and providing essential knowledge to young girls. With the support of Namita’s investment, Menstrupedia has the opportunity to reach even more girls and create a positive impact on society.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Did Mentsrupedia got Deal on Shark Tank India?

Yes, Mentsrupedia got deal from Namita with 20% equity for Rs 50 lakhs.

Which Shark Invested in Mentsrupedia?

Namita Thapar Invested in Mentsrupedia – Mentsrupedia is Menstrual Awareness Comic.

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