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Each day, millions of individuals with disabilities, particularly those related to ageing, wear clothing designed for non-disabled bodies.

Clothing with features that accommodate those with disabilities can be quite helpful to their comfort, usability and style.

However, traditional clothing can cause pain from restricted movement, or irritating materials, and in some instances, pressure sores.

amp pants from no limbits

The Amp Pant has hidden zippers, which make dressing and undressing easy. These durable YKK zippers are on both legs, so no matter which side you need them on they’ll be there.

No Limbits clothing is designed with proprietary fabrics and specific features to alleviate pain and discomfort. Whether you need to make prosthetic adjustments throughout the day, have dexterity challenges with traditional zipper or closures, want to maintain your dignity during chair transfers and transportation or have sensitivity to traditional clothing fabrics.

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