EMI Process on Snapdeal with iPad mini


To demostrate the the purchase experience we are going to add Apple iPad Mini in card and will walk-trough the payment process.

1. Select product you want to buy. In our case we have selected iPad Mini

Snapdeal EMI with iPad Mini
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2. Click on highlighted EMI question mark (highlighted above) to get EMI details,
More Banks added now refer to snapdeal emi options post for more details.

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3. Add Product to your shopping cart.

snapdeal emi on mobile

4. After adding shipping details, Click on Credit Card in Make Payment

Select EMI on Snapdeal

5. Select your bank from Dropdown menu

Bank select EMI options on Snapdeal

6. Select EMI plans and Enter Credit card details to complete your order.

Credit Card EMI on Spandeal

Select your product now and go to Snapdeal , feel free to add comment below for question you have related to EMI on Snapdeal website.


  1. I want to buy mrf tyres for my innova car, but i don’t have credit card,can i make cash emi in hdfc bank for snapdeal

  2. How is the emi repaid to snapdeal is it monthly payment ill have to make or it automatically geta debited frm my account????

  3. i had ordered hard disk using emi option on hdfc credit card and i got message from bank that ordered amount was spent on your card and it is showing remaining balance…???
    what does this mean ?? this mean that i alredy paid total amount..

  4. Hi, i want to buy samsung galaxy j7 through emi but i dont have credit card and i have only atm and bank is state bank of travancore but sbt bank name is not there for emi option, please help me

  5. hi i want to buy samsung galaxy j7 or max through emi and i don’t have credit card, can i make the payment by cash on emi or emi online transfer from sbt bank, and i have only sbt account but there is no emi option of sbt bank in snapdeal. so what i have to do ????

  6. hi……when i paymented through sbi credi card it writes that payment failed..why is it writing….is my credit card needs to activate net banking?

  7. Please Change Emi mode for when i select payment mode only wanna ask total amount of product..
    Then y u giving Emi option only for Rich peoples????????

  8. For EMI payments,first the full order value on the credit card gets charged and then its get converted to emi??
    i mean i need to make full payment first??
    what if full payment exceeds my credit limit…?


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