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Flipkart Big Billion Days 2020 is coming shortly with its official dates now announced.It will be a 6-day long sale with biggest offers on mobiles, ...

Federal Bank customers can buy a two-wheeler on EMI (equated monthly instalments) using their debit cards. The bank customers can book their two-wheeler by ...

  What is LazyPay LazyPay is India’s fastest way to get credit online. You can download the LazyPay App and discover unique credit limit.Normally ...

“The first-ever Nokia branded Smart TV with Sound by JBL is powered by 24 Watt built-in speakers, DTS TruSurround and Dolby Audio to enhance the overall audio ...

Mi Credit offers loans up to 1 Lakh Rupees at low interest rates in the most convenient and secure way.The application process is completely digital and ...

Join us for the launch show of one of the most promising phones from the Redmi family. Be the first to know about the #Redmi8 and its amazing specs. Just click ...

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OPPO A5 2020

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  1. PNB is not supported yet for EMI options.

  2. No there is no processing fee.. only interest for EMI.

  3. Sandesh, its not possible to transfer these coins to friend or family account. How ever you can contact customer support if you want to transfer to you own account.

  4. In one order you can get maximum 10 plus coins. so for Plus membership you need to have 50 coins.

  5. Thanks for comment, Bablu, I have checked my self earlier and yes Debit Card EMI is available on FLipkart and Amazon India.
    Only available to selected users and selected banks.

  6. Hello Ramesh, You can check this link

    However currently only Debit Card from HDFC and Axis available

  7. Hello Bharti,

    Intial amount will be EMI, like if your EMI is Rs 1000 per month, then you will be charged 1000 for first month only

  8. For the Zest Money there will be some interest, however if you have credit card or bajaj finance card. you can get No cost EMI.

  9. which option you are looking for?

  10. Not Sure. the reason but it shouldn’t be the case. You can contact the HDFC Customer care, but Flipkart wont be able to do any thing in case. As far as I know.

  11. Thanks Tausif,

    This facility available for selected customer only. Please contact your bank and check validity

  12. Yes, it is available please follow link in the post.

  13. Hello Samir,
    pre close of credit card EMI depends on Bank, so you can contact your bank who provided you credit card. For more info

  14. Helo Ambi,

    You can get more information on Mi A1 EMI post

  15. try contact on HDFC Bank customer card or

  16. Yes, its possible, Do you want on EMI?

  17. Thanks Siva for comment, Andrabank Credit Card EMI is not available in Amazon

  18. May be available soon. We will update

  19. Appko online hi use karna hai Bajaj card .. steps me bataya hai aise hi.

  20. downpayment ka online emi possible nahi hai.

  21. Yes, your Rs 33,000 will refunded and converted into your EMI. Once you start paying your EMI monthly your credit limit will increase monthly

  22. Did not get your question. If you cancel the product all amount will refund if your first bill is not generated.

  23. Hello Pramod, Aap yah link per check kar sakte ho

  24. ???? first emi credit card ???? bill ?? ????? ?? ????

  25. Konsa product purchase kar rahe ho?

  26. Hello Laxman, We will update you once iPhone will be available on No Cost EMI on bajaj EMI Card. Thanks.

  27. Thanks for the comment

  28. Ok . I will check and update you

  29. You can contact , your bank for further details. Not sure if there are some issue with your account.

  30. Abhi sirf SBI ke debit card per Products mil rahe hai.. hum aapko email karenge jab available ho.

  31. Yash, this website only provides information related to products , you can check official terms and condition here.

  32. Thanks Vishnu for comment, as of 26th Sept 2017, Its not fake. this option is not visible but we will update you soon. Also subscribe to our email list for future updates.

  33. Thanks Guru for comment, as of 26th Sept 2017, this option is not visible but we will update you soon. Also subscribe to our email list for future updates.

  34. Hello Chinmay,
    Using Debit card or Credit card?

  35. Hello Ramesh , Follow this article on Flipkart Debit Card emi with SBI

  36. Hello Harish,

    You can buy from Offline stores

  37. Which type of card do you have?

  38. Not sure about blocked card, please contact customer care of Bajaj EMI.

  39. From Credit card EMI it may not be possible. You can contact credit card customer care for more details.

  40. Hello Ashok, No down payment for online emi

  41. Hello,
    If you already chose EMI in Flipkart , you can ignore emi options on ICICI credit card OTP page.

  42. If you have money available on bank, you can buy Gift Card worth Rs 16,000 and pay with Gift card plus your hdfc credit card.
    How ever I will suggest to increase your hdfc credit limit.

  43. Laser printer is not available on Bajaj emi card. will update you soon.

  44. Your credit card limit should be 9,999Rs or more

  45. You can try gift card plus credit card emi.

  46. No, Smart card is not for EMI

  47. Thanks Nischith,
    We will update you once iPhone 7 will be available on Bajaj EMI

  48. Hello, Saugata
    Your credit limit should be Rs 7000 or more to purchase mobile on EMI . Depositing 1000 every month wont work.


  49. Faizalma Thanks

  50. Thanks Faizalma

  51. Hello Price,
    You should have Credit card or Bajaj EMI card to get phone on EMI, ATM car will not work.

  52. yes, it will be converted to emi.

  53. Hello, Gaurav.
    Debit card is not support for emi. however you can apply for bajaj emi card

  54. Your credit limit should be total price of the phone with interest. You have to pay your credit card bill every month . For more details contact your bank which provided credit card

  55. It should work. Please connect with Bajaj Helpliine

  56. It will be available from tomorrow.

  57. Hello, You will get Original one 🙂

  58. Did not get. what you are asking?

  59. you can apply for icici credit card. debit card is not valid

  60. We will update you once its available.

  61. Yes your credit card bill will be delivered to your address , also you can check online with login details.

    Not sure but if you order on 15th and Billing cycle is 20 then you may get your first emi on this month.

    Check with your bank.

  62. @Rajkumar once you start paying emi monthly. Your blocked amount will be reduced.

  63. you can convert later, currently PNB is not supported

  64. will be available soon.

  65. currently only iPhone is available on no cost emi. will update you once other available

  66. you need to have credit card to avail EMI option

  67. Hello Rachit,
    You can apply for SBI Credit Card Here.

  68. Hello Dipak
    You can apply free credit card here

  69. Hello,
    You can apply free ICICI credit card here

  70. From credit card you can buy

  71. Hello,
    You can apply free ICICI credit card here

  72. Hello,
    Gulam Mustafa
    You can apply free ICICI credit card here

  73. On Bank of Baroda is not supported yet.
    You can apply free ICICI credit card here

  74. Hello,
    You can apply free ICICI credit card here

  75. Hello Lovely Singh,
    You can apply free ICICI credit card here

  76. Debit card not supported, but you can Apply HDFC credit card and get EMI

  77. Yes, what you want to communicate?

  78. Hello Vikesh,

    You can apply free ICICI credit card here

  79. Hello Gopal,
    You can apply free credit card here

  80. Hello SAJID
    You can apply free credit card here

  81. Hello Vivekanand
    You can apply free credit card here

  82. @Rahul.
    App Credit card se EMI per le sakte hai. free credit card
    yaha per apply kar sakte hai Free credit card

  83. Which product you are trying to purchase?

  84. Hello Salman,

    Currently only credit card and Bajaj EMI card supported for EMI.

  85. SBI ka credit card chahiye ..

  86. Aapko credit card se milega emi

  87. You should have Credit card to order on EMI. or some products available on Bajaj EMI card.

  88. If card on Delivery option available , then I think you can convert transaction to EMI by calling your bank. Please confirm with your bank credit card.


  89. It is available on Credit Card emi. Not with Bajaj check

  90. Yes, you transaction will be converted to EMI.

  91. Thanks Arun,
    Currently Coolpad Note 5 is not available for Bajaj EMI Card. We will update you if its available .


  92. Here is the list which available for no cost emi.

  93. work only on selected products

  94. you need to have credit card. normal account and debit card won’t work

  95. Currently only MI 5 is available on this card. will update you if available..

  96. May be on Christmas or other festival , will update you.

  97. Try to contact them on email/twitter or live chat.

  98. No. Only credit card and Bajaj EMI card is valid for transaction on EMI

  99. Its only available on selected products

  100. Yes there are many offers. please mention which you want.

  101. Yes you can. Here is the list of mobiles

  102. please connect with bajaj customer care

  103. which card do you have?

  104. it depends on your billing cycle

  105. please contact to your bank. customer care.

  106. EMI amount includes charges

  107. Your first month bill should be 1437 Rs.

  108. please wait for offers to come.

  109. try using Android device administrator from desktop

  110. Yes thats how EMI works.
    Your credit limit will decrease by 55k. Once you start paying your EMI of 6700 it will increase month by month

  111. No debit card. options for for emi. you cash pay using bajaj emi card.

  112. only available for selected products. also check bajaj customer care

  113. If you follow process of emi on flipkart with your credit card dont worry. Mean while you can connect with your bank customer care for confirmation.

  114. in the emi section

  115. no. your credit limit should be more than a price of product

  116. Currently they have stopped this offer. we will update you once offer is back

  117. no you can not amount in bank wallet

  118. if first bill is not generated then, you will not be charged any

  119. yes. you will get refund

  120. At time of purchase you credit limit should be 12k. Or more.

  121. If your credit limit is less then, your transaction will be failed. you can try gift card plus credit card emi.

  122. Available only on selected products

  123. Hello Balvant.
    Currently its not available. We will update you . please subscribe to email list.

  124. Amar. Abhi offers khatam ho gaya hai… aap ko Update karenge jab hoga thb

  125. Thanks Tushar. Only available for credit card and bajaj finserv emi card

  126. only available for credit card and bajaj finserv emi card

  127. which credit card do you have

  128. currently laptops on bajaj emi card is on hold. we will update

  129. Ok, we will update

  130. please connect with your bank which provided credit card. did you get your credit card statement?

  131. it was promotional offer

  132. there is no down payment for credit card emi

  133. check the process using credit card

  134. you can check no cost emi if available

  135. It should work. Which product you are trying to buy. ?

  136. You should have credit card or bajaj emi card

  137. Try using Bajaj EMI Card

  138. You can use, but monthly bill will be generated from your Brothers Credit card.

  139. Please comment, which Laptop is not listed

  140. Thanks Kushul. Now only credit card and Bajaj EMI card are accepted for EMI.

  141. Thanks Anmol,
    Currently LE2 is removed from No cost emi. Check out other mobiles.

  142. Hello, Harpreet.
    You can try Bajaj EMI Card.

  143. If you correctly selected emi. It will be converted to emi.

  144. View the list of the product available

  145. It is technically not possible, but you can transfer emi every month.

  146. You can cancel order from your Order History if not already delivered.

  147. Please follow above steps. Let me know if you need more information.

  148. You can contact Bajaj EMI helpcenter for this.

  149. Hello,
    Only listed Laptops are available for Bajaj EMI.

    Which Laptop you are trying to buy?

  150. Your emi is including interest rate

  151. There won’t be any bank charges, only interest rate.

  152. Hello Amit,
    You need to have credit card for EMI options.

  153. As you mentioned you already have used your credit . So you current credit limit is 1060 Rs. Which is less that the product price so , you wont be able to purchase Item on EMI.
    Your credit limit should be more than item you buy.

  154. Your credit limit should be 35k or more.

  155. Thanks Ravinder,
    If you have IndusLand credit card ,you can apply.

  156. Sorry only for credit card only.

  157. It should increase your credit every month. Also confirm with the bank who issued your credit card.

  158. Refund will be credited back to your credit card.

  159. If your credit limit is 40k, then you can buy. Or you can go ahead with some more downpayment to maintain your credit limit on Credit Card

  160. only credit card

  161. only available for selected products

  162. your credit limit should be more than product price

  163. You will get Phone once your payment is confirm, like 1-2 days.

  164. Only available for Credit Card.

  165. EMI date will be as per your Credit Card Billing.

  166. You can cancel order and re-order using your EMI options

  167. EMI available for Credit card not saving bank account.

  168. Only credit card EMI and some product have Bajaj Finance Card .

  169. They want to know if you have available limit , so they charge full amount then the amount will be converted to EMI.

  170. YOu need to have credit card with limit of 10k or more.

  171. Bajaj EMI is only available for selected products.

  172. YOu can use downpayment method using Gift Card.

  173. Not required.

  174. Bajaj EMI is applicable on selected products.

  175. From your credit card.

  176. Only some products available for Bajaj EMI card.

  177. You can get product once the payment confirmed, no need to wait for first emi.

  178. As per your billing cycle of your credit card.

  179. Connect with your bank who issued your credit card. Or enable auto-debit. In any case you have to pay interest .

  180. You need to have credit card

  181. you can apply from website or store for Bajaj Finance Card

  182. bajaj finance card is not valid , you need to have credit card.

  183. At first you will charged full amount, then the amount will be converted to EMI.

  184. It will be as per your billing cycle of the Credit Card.

  185. No EMI on Debit cards. You can easily get credit card via HDFC bank

  186. If your credit limit is less. They you can try Gift Card Method

  187. YOu can try Gift card + EMI options .. as your credit limit is less.

  188. Not sure about the snapdeal but try Gift Card + EMI options on checkout.

  189. No EMI for Debit cards, thanks

  190. Any specific modal? Which credit card do you have?

  191. Did not get you.

    You will be charge only monthly.

  192. Hello,

    Full amount is refundable , but interest rate charged by bank is not refundable .

    So, if your 1st emi already generated you have to bear charges of interest rate , it may be very low.

  193. Yes, it does. Only for credit card

  194. Aapke billing cycle per depend karega.. if 12th of every month .. then you have to pay after 12th of that month.

  195. For EMI options it may not available, please check checkout page or go to this

  196. Your credit limit should be 49000 or more , at time of order.

  197. May be not. you can try Gift Card + EMI options

  198. You should have enough credit , first month EMI will be 1700Rs, replay

  199. Thanks, You need to have credit card for EMI. Cash is not valid.

  200. Hello ,

    Which process you are following?

  201. I guess you are using Debit Card. Only credit card is available for EMI.

  202. Debit card is not valid for EMI.

  203. Hello,

    Credit card is required for EMI options, you can easily get HDFC credit card.
    Try it.

  204. For debit card no EMI option.
    You may be charge full amount.

    Still you want to try and risk, checkout till payment. if you charged full cancel and refund.

  205. Sbi debit card is not valid for emi

  206. Don’t have any information about debit card emi. It’s only available on credit cards

  207. Debit card is not valid for emi option.

  208. You can add 30k in Paytm wallet. using Debit card or netbanking.
    While payment use wallet + credit card EMI.

  209. Hello ,

    You can buy gift card and rest amount on EMI.
    See this instructions

  210. There may be service tax… Which may be very low… About 25rs.. Something…. Check with your bank

  211. Yes.. Only credit card is valid for emi option

  212. You can check your monthly emi on checkout page. It will include interest.

    Pre paying emi wont work, you have to pay interest sooner or later.

  213. aapke pass credit card konsa hai?

  214. Only credit card is supported

  215. First you need Credit Card with Limit is more than the price of product.
    Debit card or ATM card wont work thanks.

  216. Thanks for comment, yes 23Rs is important if you pay EMI. May be in terms and conditions they have mentioned about extra service charges.
    For flipkart emi it may only contains interest rate not services tax.

    You can contact your bank which provided you credit card for this part.

  217. Few Questions. Do you have SBI credit card?
    Is your current credit card limit is more than 17000?

  218. Your refund will not have cashback amount.

    Product cost: 10000 , cashback 2000. then refund amount will be 8000.

  219. No initial payment required.
    You have to your monthly bill of EMI as per your Credit card billing cycle.

  220. Aap jitna chae downpaymet de sakte ho.. follow this baaki amount on EMI credit card

  221. Try to use GIFT Card + EMI.

    Buy Gift Card of 1000 Rs .

    At payment page use Gift Card + And rest of the payment do it by Credit card EMI.

    Use this link to buy, this will help this website to provide more information.

  222. Buy 10000 eGift voucher,
    At the payment page. Use Gift Voucher and Credit Card payment option.
    and pay remaining from your credit card EMI.

  223. From my observation, Your PayTM emi is not converted yet. and still your bill generated.
    In this case please check your Online Statement of credit card after 5-6 days the amount should be only EMI.

  224. Its not a problem, it the way EMI works.
    After successful full amount debit it will converted to EMI. So you have to pay EMI only.

  225. Amount will not debited automatically monthly, you have to pay monthly. You have to pay only first emi.

  226. Hello,

    If credit limit is less, than product amount, then payment will fail.

    I would suggest , buy 6000 Rs Flipkart GV, then rest amount pay with your credit card.

  227. Net banking is not valid for online emi.

  228. No ATM card is valid, you need to have Credit card.

  229. For paytm , your emi will be as shown on checkout page. Will update the Paytm EMI process. Be subscribe to this mail list.

  230. It will be convert to full EMI .

  231. Its not in the list, but you can convert from Bank.

  232. Bajaj Finance Card is not valid for Online EMI at Flipkart

  233. Very good question.

    Your credit limit will increase as you pay your monthly bill of credit card.
    1st month credit limit after payment of 1st EMI (20000 – 18500 = 1500) + 780 : 1500+780 — 2280
    2st month credit limit after payment of 1st EMI (20000 – 18500 = 1500) + 780 : 1500 + 780 +780 — 3060

    So in short your credit limit will increase as you pay your monthly bill.

    Ans2: There is no option close the emi advance. You can add credit to your credit card and monthly your installment will deduct. but not good choice as you still have to pay Interest.

    My advice:

    Dont use all your credit limit and go for full payment after 1 year.,
    buy 10000 Rs Flipkart Gift Card. Rest amount pay with credit card EMI.

  234. Hello,
    Not sure about this, but you can try till the OTP arrives.

  235. Please check with your bank, does it provide transaction conversion to EMI. Convert to emi

  236. You can add credit to your credit card. but interest will be charged.. so its advisable to keep emi monthly.

  237. yes. Full amount will be reverse.

  238. Moto X Style :
    Currently there is no option of pre-payment of emi.

    How ever I can suggest one option
    1. Buy GIFT voucher link worth 10000
    2. Checkout the Moto X Style use your gift card of 10000
    3. For remaining balance use your credit card EMI.
    4. So you have to only pay interest on remaining amount.

    comment here, if this works.

  239. Bajaj Finserv is not valid for emi, you have to use credit card

  240. You can checkout two times with same credit card or in single checkout buy both the items in EMI.

  241. only credit card required.

  242. As per my experience you dont have to pay full amount. Just wait for few more days the amount will convert to EMI.
    If you have access to online SBI credit card statement, please check it again its been converted or not.?

  243. Did not get your questions.

  244. You will get monthly statement, online or by post.

  245. Bajaj EMI card is not valid for online EMI on flipkart.

  246. Your credit limit will increase once you start paying.

    Link if you pay EMI of 1000 then your credit limit will be increase to 1070 so each month your credit limit will increases.

    So its not blocked for entire year, it will increase as you pay for EMI.

  247. Hey.. They(bank) will check your credit limit so they deduct full amount first and convert it into EMI later within 6-10 days.
    You have to pay only the EMI on Bill not whole amount.

  248. Keep eye on online statement, if you purchased and still not generated emi (12th November). You might get full amount in Bill. But in online statement it will show only EMI not full amount after conversion.

    So dont go hurry to pay bill. wait and watch online statement and pay bill of emi plus other expenditures.

    If still have confusions connect with your bank.

  249. Did not get your question clearly.. but here is the thing.

    If your credit limit is 10000 and you bought item worth 9000 then your new credit limit will be 1000.
    So you can use 1000 for other purchase, how ever after fist emi you paid 1000 , so your credit limit will increase to 2000.

    So as you pay your emi monthly your credit limit will increase , and once you completed your all EMI there will be full credit limit.

    Hope this helps.

  250. Currently only credit card. . Applicable for emi. . You can easily get credit card from hdfc

  251. Yes cask back will be applicable

  252. Debit card is not valid for emi

  253. Yes. It will show full amount first, then it will convert to EMI..

  254. Currently only credit card

  255. Yes, I guess. try for payment.

  256. Cashback will be added after shipment of the product.

  257. Hey.. Only credit card supported for EMI.
    For emi 485 you have to pay monthly as per your billing cycle.

  258. Canara bank ka ATM card support nahi he . EMI ke liye.

  259. At first they will deduct amount,
    then it will be converted to EMI .

    You can confirm with flipkart.

  260. Which credit card are you using?
    In Standard Chartered card , there are two accounts one is credit card and other is EMI card.

    You can add custom amount in emi card. If you pending emi is 6000, you can add 6000 credit to your account.

  261. First emi will be as per your billing cycle of credit card.

  262. there is no down payment in credit card emi.

  263. Bajaj Finance card is not valid for online purchase, and as for BOI call customer service and confirm are they provide emi conversation after payment. . Flipkart does not support direct emi for boi

  264. Payment will be failed… As you have low credit limit

  265. There will be issue of processing your payment. As your credit limit is low.

    You can always apply to increase the credit card limit

  266. Bajaj EMI card is not valid for online EMI as of now.

  267. You can use AXIS bank credit card.

  268. Debit card is not valid for EMI transactions

  269. Your credit limit should be 50k, to buy that product.

  270. Not sure if Flipkart will provide return , may be they can provide Exchange.

    Talk to CC, if they would be helpful.

    And for refund amount , you will get refund minus the Interest paid. As per in TnC

  271. If you purchased recently
    If your phone is not delivered, You can cancel order by going to Order Details page and once canceled you will get refund in your credit card within 4-7 days.

  272. Offers on Mobile not disclosed yet.
    We will send offer details via email once we get from Flipkart team.
    For bank terms and condition visit.

  273. Yes you can get 10% discount and after discounts.. You can pay emi of remaining amount.

  274. Yes. You can get discounted products on EMI

  275. Your credit limit should be more than 12999. Please check your credit limit of credit card.

  276. EMI per to nahi… hoga .. bank se.

  277. monthly bill will be generated , and you have to pay EMI each month.

  278. Once payment confirmed, it will be refunded and you only have to pay emi.

    Example. You paid 10000 for product and payment option is emi. So first you charged 10000 then it will refunded and converted to emi.

  279. Currently only credit card.. Try apply for Snapdeal hdfc credit card

  280. After few days full amount will be converted to emi.

  281. I guess no.. Its ATM card

  282. ATM card nahi hai valid.. Credit card chahiye… Snapdeal + HDFC credit card apply karo

  283. Aapke paas konsa credit card hai?

  284. You have to pay your monthly bill.
    as per your selected EMI .

  285. Once you pay with credit card.
    Your credit limit will decrease to amount of product, it will be 40000 – 18499 (21500).
    You monthly bill will be as per your emi month selected, which you have to pay manually.(If auto debit is not active).

  286. Currently only Credit cards from some banks are available for EMI on Flipkart for Motorola X Play.
    Bajaj Finserv EMI card is not valid for online .

  287. Currently no option for UBI credit card. Ask your banker if they provide EMI conversion for large transactions?

  288. Only valid credit card with credit limit equals product price.

  289. It will be your monthly bill

  290. Debit card not valid for emi option.

  291. if you have sbi credit card .. then yes 898 for 12months

  292. Aapke credit card ke bill me.

  293. Aditya ji.. bank account nahi chalega.. credit card chaiye EMI ke liye.. HDFC bank ka credit card apply kijiye jaroor mil jayega

  294. See the final amount in Checkout page

  295. There is no optoin for down payment, still you can add extra amount to your credit card .

  296. There is no formal way to close EMI. You can add remaining amount to your credit card. So your monthly bill be 0.

  297. No option for this . Sorry Mayuri.

  298. Bajaj Finserv EMI Card can be used offline store like Vijay Sales. for online transaction Credit Card is required.

  299. Yes , you are right my friend.You answered your own question.
    It will take 5-7 days to convert to emi. You only have to pay 2596 per month.

  300. While playing select custom amount instead of bill amount. For example Once you add 5000 and your emi is 1000, then you will have 4000 in credit.. So next time bill will be zero for four month. Still i would suggest to confirm with citi bank

  301. You can get this information at time of payment. If you still want, i can share it

  302. 485 will be your monthly bill. Date will be same as your credit card billing cycle

  303. You should have credit card.. It may be rupay card

  304. Sorry didn’t get your point.

    Connect with flipkart customer care

  305. Nope.. You can apply for credit card.. Try hdfc its lifetime free

  306. It should automatically convert to Emi in 7-10 days. Please check your unbilled transaction or online statement. Is it converted?

    This website only provide information about emi from different online shops. For flipkart customer care connect with

  307. When did you purchased the item?

  308. There is no down-payment system. But you can add amount as you like.. If you emi is 1000 , you can add 2000 .. its your choice 🙂

  309. There is no option. But try to use your friend’s family credit card and you can give them cash every month.

  310. Yes, you can pay credit card payment more.. Like if your bill is 900 Rs then you can pay 2000 .. so you will have credit of 1100. Hope you got my point

  311. Nope! You can try local store with Bajaj EMI card

  312. Your credit card limit should be equal or more than price of Phone.

  313. Yes, Make sure your credit limit is more than or equal to prices of both phone .
    Phone 1 = 5000 + Phone 2 10000 , so your credit limit should be 15000+

  314. Automatic cut nahi hoga. Aapka credit card ka jab bhi bill aayega tab pay karna hoga every month.

  315. As soon as your payment confirmed for emi.
    So once your order completed, seller will ship the item.

  316. Is it debit card?

  317. Your credit limit should be 15000 or more.

  318. You credit card limit should be more than 6000

  319. Once your payment is confirmed, and seller will ship the Mobile. Even the first emi bill is not generated you will get item.

  320. After payment confirmed, then seller will ship the mobile. So you don’t have to wait for emi being paid.
    About full charge.. First payment gateway from Flipkart will deduct full amount then it will be converted to emi. So you have to pay only monthly emi payment.

  321. Use credit card

  322. No. You can go for bajaj Finance or tata capital. To get from local store

  323. Yes, Full amount will be credited back, but not visible on statement. You only have to pay EMI .

  324. It will be as per your credit card billing cycle.

  325. Could you please share the screenshot?

  326. Debit card is not supported for emi transaction

  327. Could you please share the link of mobile phone

  328. I guess you have used SBI credit card and selected 12 EMI. If this is the case then yes full amount will convert to EMI in a week.

  329. 1. When you through EMI process, you will get SMS for full amount like 12999. To make sure you have available credit of 12999.
    2. Once the transaction completed the amount 12999 will be converted to Emi of 1162. So you will only see 1162 in your bill not 12999.
    3. All 12 months bill will be same if 1162. If you have selected auto-debit from credit card amount will be paid every month automatically. If there is no-debit in your credit card then you have to pay monthly manually.

  330. I would love to give answer, but last line of your comment stopped me!

  331. Thanks but your credit limit should be equal or more than price of moto g 3.

    So if your credit limit is 5k, emi won’t be available unless you clear all payments use (10k)

  332. You can try from local store. CROMA and Vijay Sales.. And get bajaj Finance or tata capital with debit card

  333. No EMI option for debit card and netbanking

  334. Follow these steps . See No 4.
    Use credit card only. No EMI for Debit card.

  335. It will convert to EMI in 3-5 days. So yu have to pay EMI amount only

  336. Did you choose EMI from Flipkart payment or bank?

  337. Bajaj EMI card is not valid for online EMI, you can buy local store like CromoRetails , Vijay Sales with Bajaj EMI Cards

  338. You should have credit card for your emi transaction

  339. Yes, credit card is required for online emi. You can easily get credit card from leading banks

  340. yes, you can have two emi on same card. make sure your purchase are with in credit limits.

  341. Goto laptop section of Flipkart select the laptop , follow these instructions to get details about EMI for your credit card

  342. If your credit limit is 34000 and you purchase goods worth 30000, then you can only purchase item worth 4000.
    Once you start paying bill of 30000 , your credit will increase.

  343. You should have credit card to avail EMI facilities

  344. Please follow instructions

  345. On your monthly bill payment

  346. Make sure you have credit card

  347. There is not time limit to place order.. may be item in your card Out of stock. or may be other error

  348. Nope. Only for Credit Cards

  349. 1. Charging of full amount will check if you have credit available to purchase. After some days this will be converted to emi.
    Not sure what did you mean by available balance..

  350. Sure you can…

  351. For online emi at Snapdeal, credit card is required. Connect with bajaj Finance for local store in your city

  352. Hi, Your current credit limit should be 10000 or more , to buy product on EMI.

  353. Your monthly bill will be 2776 for 12 months. First emi you have to pay as per your credit card billing cycle

  354. No down payment.. Your emi will be come in monthly bill

  355. You should have HDFC credit card to avail EMI facilities

  356. No debit card on EMI. Only on credit card

  357. Hi, I guess you have debit card with bank account… For EMI credit card is required.

  358. No. Nonrefundable amount will be monthly interest not yearly. Do approx 90 rs will be Nonrefundable.. Please connect with for confirmation.

  359. Your credit limit should be more than 14000. If limit is less than transaction will be failed

  360. Flipkart will cancel the emi… If your first bill of credit card generated in month then you have to pay interest amount.. Rest amount will be refunded

  361. Flipkart payment gateway will cancel the emi. Please note that if cancelled after first bill of credit card.. You paid interest won’t be refunded.

  362. Bank account won’t work, you should have credit card with at least 12k credit limit for emi.

  363. Yes.. First full amount will deduct then this amount will be converted to emi. You don’t have to pay full amount, only emi per month

  364. Agar payment option me araha hai to kar sakte ho.. Ya fir bank se contact kar k puch sakte ho k.. Transaction amount ka emi covert k kya charges h

  365. You can apply for higher credit limit from bank. If your performance is good in credit card payments

  366. Your monthly billing should be equal each month. Which includes interest rate..
    Connect with flipkart at

  367. Hello, EMI interest rate also depends on credit card bank. Which bank issued your credit card?

    When you make transaction, first whole amount will deduct and then it will be converted to EMI.

    So your credit card limit should be more than 11999 Rs.

  368. Thanks for connecting. Its payment gateway which provide EMI , now a days its really easy to get credit card. You can apply for same.
    for more queries please visit to

  369. Amount will be same for each month

  370. Bank account won’t work.. You should have credit card.

  371. You must have credit card to use emi

  372. Do you have credit card?

  373. From my opinion this should work. Confirm with your bank who provided credit card.

  374. Simple answer is. To avoid fraud. For debit cards if there is EMI option, anybody will buy on EMI then next month withdraw account to nill. To get credit cards you have to provide income proof and other documents..

  375. Hello, you should have SBI credit card to avail EMI option.. Visit For More information.

  376. Hello ,
    You need Credit Card for EMI options.
    visit for more questions.

  377. Hello,

    It will be charge as per your billing cycle.

    visit for more questions.

  378. Hello Gaurav,

    First it show 44k , then it will be converted to EMI of 2000 which will be in bill every month.

    visit for more questions and answers.

  379. Hello Akash,
    You need Credit Card for EMI .
    visit for more questions.

  380. Follow these steps .. You have to pay equal amounts each months

  381. There is no emi option for Debit Cards

  382. Hello Neha,
    You should have credit card.. Please visit

  383. Hello Sarath,
    You need to have credit card for EMI

  384. Try different credit card.. No other option for online emi without credit card

  385. You can try but. For emi but from my experience credit limit should be equal or higher than transaction amount. You can apply to increase credit limit to SBI credit card.

  386. Hey, debit card is not valid for emi option

  387. Comment replied

  388. I guess you have Debit card with A/C balance 800rs. for EMI credit card is required.

  389. Comment replied

  390. If you have amount avoid minimum due, as there will be some interest no remaining amount.

  391. Comment replied

  392. Your monthly EMI should be 3048Rs

  393. Comment replied

  394. there is no option for down payment , but you can add amount in your credit card.

  395. Comment replied

  396. Your sms notification will show full amount.. And in online statement it will show full amount sometimes. But don’t worry your monthly bill will show 1162. By the way which bank credit card you are using?
    Hope this helps.
    Connect with bank for further clarification.

  397. Comment replied

  398. This is really good question.

    Answer depends on your billing cycle, if your billing date is 12th ( 1st emi bill) and your return/refund process on 13th. Then only first interest amount will be charged rest of the amount will be refunded.

    If you process refund before billing date.. Then full amount will be refunded.

    This is my personal experience, please connect with flipkart cs for further assistance. Reply to this comment for update from your side.

  399. Comment replied

  400. 10999 will be converted to EMi and your first bill will be 1909Rs .. so when your first bill come you have to pay 1909 Rs per month for 6 months

  401. Comment replied

  402. Comment replied

  403. Most probably you will get full refund if you credit card bill is not generated. Connect with Flipkart support for more info

  404. replied you on mail

  405. You can also post questions to new forum

  406. Anand, Could you post the link to axis bank where it shows 18%.

  407. yes, sure.. please follow this instructions to buy from snapdeal
    visit to post question to public forum and get answered.

  408. Credit limit should be more than price of the item in Credit card.
    visit to post question to public forum and get answered.

  409. Please follow instructions at this page and if you have more questions you can log on to

  410. Bajaj fin card not accepted online store.. connect with local stores like reliance digital, Vijay Sales.

  411. No sir. EMI options is not available for debit cards.

  412. You can select 3 month EMI option. if you want to.

  413. Call these helpline Number for quick turn around.
    We’re available 24 hours a day.
    (0124) 6150000 or 1800 208 9898

    Need assistance in buying?
    Call our product experts 1800 1080 1800

  414. yes, OPT will say full amount .. then it will convert to EMI. comment for update.

  415. There is no processing fee.. Only interest you have to pay see this post for details.

  416. It’s for credit card only

  417. EMI facility is not available to Debit Card / ATM card.

  418. Your credit card limit should be more than 24k Rs. There is no initial amount payment all emi will be same.

  419. Thanks. What are you going to purchase.
    Monthly EMI will be around 3591

  420. flipkart emi ke liye aapko minimum 4000 rs ka purchase karna hoga.. or 2100Rs ke headset 12% Emi 6 month aapko around 362 ke instalment aayenge . Check here

  421. It’s depends on your billing cycle.. If your bill date is 12th of every month. And you bought some item with emi after 12th.. Then your first emi payment will be in next month.

  422. Most online stores not provide EMI without Credit card, Please connect with local store they provide EMI using Bajaj Finserve or TATA Capital so EMI amount will directly debited from your Saving bank account.

  423. Sorry I can’t help in this case.

  424. please connect with flipkart customer care

  425. EMI available for Credit card only . so your credit card should have limit of 5500 Rs. to get EMI

  426. EMI Facility not available for debit cards, only for Credit card.

  427. There won’t be any down payment. Its monthly instalment only. Please confirm with Snapdeal as well.

  428. credit card is require.

  429. Yes, credit card is require.

  430. No, its not available

  431. Hello, The price you see 485 is for AXIS Bank credit card 24Months EMI.
    To know exact amount go to and click [?] besides month emi.

  432. Did not get your point.

  433. Follow this steps. See if your bank is listed for EMI.

  434. As per my knowledge if your credit limit is 16k, then you can buy only item worth Rs.16k for EMI without any outstanding bill.
    Connect with your bank to increase credit limit.

  435. Its only for CreditCard. You can apply online for HDFC credit card.

  436. This site just provide information.. this is not official website for Flipkart EMI. You can always connect them via Customer Care.

  437. Hello, Here is step-by-step guide “How to buy on EMI flipkart”

  438. Currently for online Store credit card require for EMI. For offline you can opt for Bajaj Easy Finance at Electronic store like Vijay Sales and Chroma.

  439. It depends on seller.

  440. You can directly view on website itself please follow this step

  441. Yes your first payment will be 625Rs,
    There is no down payment for EMI. Hope this helps.

  442. Thats kind a tricky.. Hope you can keep the cashback. as it was directly given by the bank ,not Flikart. Do update comment how much did you get back after return.

  443. Some credit card offer Auto Debit facility , please check with Credit Card issue bank.

  444. It depends on interest rate from bank. you have to pay equal EMI through out 12 months.

  445. Debit card does not provide EMI options.

  446. There is no such option available to pay advance EMI.And convert remaining amount to EMI.

    One option is that, after EMI conversion.
    For 9 month EMI example is 1000Rs per month is EMI so add 3000 rs credit to your credit card and you don’t have to worry remembering payment for three months.

    Please note above option can be done from Bank Website or Internet banking not flipkart. and also you cant get away with interest even if you pay in advance 🙂

    Connect with your bank which provide Credit Card.

  447. @Kisan, You can select Auto Debit facility in Credit Card from respective Bank’s Internet Banking. Or connect with bank customer care.

  448. Debit cards are not supported for EMI transactions.

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