Flipkart Damage Protection Plan Details – Don’t buy until you read this!

Do you know?

65% Indians smartphone owners have cracked their screens.

19% Indians dropped their smartphone owners have cracked their screens.

What is Accidental Damage Protection?

Flipkart Protect Damage Protection Plan for Mobiles provides 1-year protection against any kind of accidental or liquid damage

From dropped phones to split water.
Now protect your phone from accidents at a cost as low as Rs 500

What Is Covered?

  • Fell in liquid
  • Fell on the ground
  • Damaged in rains
  • Dropped from the building
  • Crushed by car
  • Dropped in toilet

Advantages of Flipkart Protect?

  • Repair or Refund?Guarantee
  • Genuine?Spare Parts
  • Hassle-Free Claim and Activation
  • Free Doorstep Process Pickup & Drop

How to buy?Flipkart Protect?

Select the option to purchase Flipkart Protect Damage Protection while buying your mobile.

Make the payment for the Flipkart Protect Damage Protection while purchasing your mobile.

Note: Flipkart Protect Damage Protection can only be purchased while buying your mobile. It cannot be bought after the mobile purchase.

How Flipkart Protect Claims Process Works?

  1. Call helpline on 1800-425-5568 Share the nature, extent and cause of damage.
  2. Submit proofs of Invoice Copy, Government ID and Device Images to [email protected]
  3. Post verification, pay additional amount of Rs 500 through online payment link
  4. Pack the device as per instructions and keep it ready for pickup.
  5. Device to be repaired or replaced within 7-10 days.

Not Covered on Flipkart Protect [Must Read]

  • Manufacturing defects already covered under Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Loss or Theft
  • Normal maintenance, wear and tear or routine service
  • Loss or damage to accessories
  • Damage due to SIM card and any ancillary product
  • Loss of data or loss of installed software
  • Unauthorized modifications or services
  • Cosmetic damage not resulting in complete stoppage of/or functioning of product
  • Physical or liquid damage outside the tenure of protection
  • Intentional damage or loss caused by incorrect storage and usage not in accordance to manufacturer’s guideline

Important Notes

  • This service would be provided by Jeeves Consumer Services, a Flipkart group company.
  • Additional?amount of ?500 per claim required every time of repair.
  • You have to buy Protection Plan along with Mobile you can not buy later on.
  • Device will be formatted during the repair process
  • Insurance Sum assured will capped at 80% of the device list price.
  • You can transfer Protect plan to new owner , register their name, address and contact details to 1800 425 5568.

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