How to Block and Report in Pococha?

You can block and report toxic behaviour in Pococha. The behaviour could include but not limited to below list.

  • Sexual Comments
  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Defamation

What is reporting in Pococha?

Reporting means letting the Pococha team know that a user might have done something wrong.

However, reporting someone doesn’t stop them from broadcasting or chatting with you during your broadcast.

Pococha looks into all reports and decides what to do, but the person who reported might not always hear back about what happened with their report.

What is Blocking in Pococha?

When you block someone on Pococha, it doesn’t tell the Pococha team.

It just means that the person can’t participate in your live stream anymore and you won’t see their messages or comments.

When you block someone, they can’t watch or comment on your live broadcasts anymore. If you block a follower, they will automatically unfollow you.

Keep in mind that once you block a user, you won’t be able to report them. It’s better to report them first if they’ve violated any community guidelines.

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