Screen Protection Plan Details – Don’t buy until you read this!

Get flat 20% value of your phone in case you damage your screen. If repair cost of Screen is Rs 4000 for Rs 10,000 phone then you will get 20% of 10,000 which means you will get Rs 2000 back.

How to get Screen Protection Plan?

  1. Select a phone on Flipkart
  2. During checkout, click on “Screen Protection Plan” and complete your purchase
  3. In case your phone’s screen is damaged while in use, the plan allows you to refund OR repair your device and claim the cost, online.

Claim by Refund

  • Call 1800-425-5568 or 080-25187326 or drop a mail at [email protected]
  • A self-assessment video link will be sent to your alternate number. You will need to take the video of the device’s IMEI along with the damaged screen.
  • The same link will request for your bank details
  • On receipt of self-survey reports, our claims analyst will evaluate e nature of damage and compare the same against the incident details provided.
  • Based on the claim, the analyst will approve / reject the claim. If approved, your money will reflect in your account within 72 hours.

Claim after Repair

  • Call 1800-425-5568 or 080-25187326 or drop a mail. at [email protected].
  • Flipkart will help you in finding the nearest Jeeves authorized service center to the pincode you’ve provided. You can walk in and ask about the possibility of repairing the phone.
  • If the service center deems the phone unrepairable, follow the standard steps to initiate the refund process as explained above in order to avail the refund.
  • If the phone can be repaired, you will need to pay the entire repairing amount at the service center.
  • Once you receive the invoice for the repairs, you can call up Jeeves and claim up to 20% of the value of the phone or the total repair amount, whichever is lower.

If the repair cost is Rs 4,000 for a Rs. 10.000 phone, you will get Rs 2.000 as per plan

If the repair cost is Rs.1000 f or a phone which is valued at Rs 10,000, you can claim Rs 1000 as per plan.

What is Covered?

  • Post-accident damage cover.
  • No negotiation post claim approval 72-hour money-back guarantee!
  • While claiming, invoice value of the phone at the time of purchase is considered 6 not current market value.
  • Zero deductible, i.e. No payment from your end at the time of claim.
  • Phone is covered right from the time you receive it.
  • No lengthy process or app downloading for activation.
  • Phone is covered, no matter who uses it.
  • Worldwide cover. Delhi, San Francisco or Rio

What is NOT Covered?

  • Regular wear and tear of the device
  • Any other accidental damage (Excluding screen damage) Like liquid damages or mysterious disappearances under any circumstance.
  • Theft of the phone.
  • Any breakdown or damage under manufacturer’s warranty is not covered by us. Eg. Touchscreen issues (not because you dropped it) that occur during warranty period.
  • Damages to accessories are excluded.

Important Notes

  • Insurance coverage is only available on new phones bought on Flipkart Platform.
  • The insurance must be purchased at the time of purchasing the device.
  • Screen Protection Plan cannot be purchased separately.
  • This service is provided by Go Digit General Insurance Limited
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