HDFC Debit card EMI on Flipkart | ₹80,000 Finance No Documents


You can buy high value items from HDFC Debit card from Flipkart, minimum cart value with single item should be Rs 10,000 and maximum limit is Rs 50,000.

Last updated on 31th August 2018

There will be no processing fees and downpayment required to avail this facility.

Pay in easy EMIs of 6, 9, or 12 months at an affordable interest rate of 16%

HDFC Debit card EMI facility only available for Select Mobile, Furniture and Electronics purchases.

HDFC debit card EMI Eligibility

You can check if you are eligible for Debit Card EMI from HDFC follow below simple steps.

  1. From your registered mobile number SMS “DCEMI” to 57575 (₹3 SMS charges)
  2. If you are eligible you will receive SMS as below
    Congratulations, you are eligible to avail EMI on your HDFC Debit Card for shopping on Flipkart. Explore now!  *T&C apply
  3. If you did not get the SMS. Try to buy small value item from Flipkart with your HDFC debit card and save your card details.
  4. Check your registered mobile number with HDFC bank and Flipkart account is same.

HDFC Debit Card EMI Rates

Below is the example of interest rates for HDFC Debit card with Item price of Rs 19,999 as there is offer on No Cost EMI with Debit Card as well till 30th September 2018.

EMI TypeEMIInterestMonthsTotal
Debit Card EMIRs. 3,3340%6Rs 19,999
Rs. 2,2230%9Rs 19,999
Rs. 1,81516%12Rs 21,775

HDFC debit card EMI Steps

Below guide will show you steps , how to avail EMI on HDFC Credit Card.

  1. Select product you like to buy View Eligible Products
  2. Other option is to check on the here page.
  3. Go to the checkout with One item only which is eligible.
  4. In Payment section go to EMI (Easy Installment)
  5. Select Pre-Approved / Debit EMI
    HDFC Debit Card EMI Process
  6. Enter Card Details and Proceed further.
  7. Follow steps of Debit card and OTP.
  8. We will add more detailed steps Subscribe to our email news letter and deliver to your inbox.

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HDFC debit card EMI using App

I have recently purchased Washing machine on Debit Card EMI with HDFC Debit Card without any extra cost Below are the steps.

  1. In the payment options when you select payment options with Debit Card there is option Pay full amount or pay No Cost EMI, select No Cost EMI.
    HDFC Debit EMI step1
  2. In next step select tenure(months) I have selected 9 months as there is zero interest.
  3. In next step enter your Card Details and OTP, You will charged for full amount at time but it will be credited back to account.
  4. As the transaction done on 6th December, my first bill be on 5th January , I have received SMS on 21st December for this. As mentioned in SMS, it will be auto debited.

Get HDFC Debit EMI Updates

Get HDFC Debit Card Updates

We will send exclusive Updates, related to HDFC Debit Card EMI, add Email and Follow instructions.

Important Notes

  • Valid only on 1 item in cart
  • Min Rs 10,000 and Maximum Rs 1,00,000
  • 3,6 and 9 month EMI with 16% interest.
  • No Cancellation fees

Flipkart is not responsible for the interest charged by the bank and cannot refund the interest amount in case of cancellation, refund or pre-closure. On cancellation of order, you will not be able to use this facility again for upto 90 days.

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Top 5 Mobile on HDFC Debit Card EMI

Rs. 21,990
Rs. 25,990
in stock
in stock
Rs. 19,459
Rs. 23,919
in stock
Rs. 16,990
Rs. 19,990
in stock


Is minimum balance required in my HDFC Bank account ?
No, no minimum balance required your HDFC bank.

Is total cart value amount blocked in my Account after EMI?

No, total amount will not blocked , but for auto debit make sure you have enough balance to pay month EMI.

What will be the date of auto-debit from my account?
If your transaction done on or before 20th of the month , the first EMI will be charged on your HDFC Bank account on 5th of next month.

If your transactions done after 20th of the month, the first EMI will be charged on your HDFC bank account on 5th of the month after that.

Example: In big billion days if you buy on 21st September with HDFC Debit card EMI , your First EMI will debit on 5th of November.


  1. Hey, I’m totally confused, when I spoke to the flipkart support, they said that the total amount will be blocked for 7 days and will be transferred back again to the account after which the first Emi will be deducted. I am not able to find a solution to this. Should I be taking a word from this website or flipkart. Infact the flipkart personnel didn’t exactly know what this offer was initially.

    • Thanks Vishnu for comment, as of 26th Sept 2017, Its not fake. this option is not visible but we will update you soon. Also subscribe to our email list for future updates.

  2. This service is stopped by Flipcart, it was only available for first day of the sale that too payments were not successful, giving error continuously whole day, i think it was to only attract more people,
    not expected such practices from Flipcart.

    • Thanks Guru for comment, as of 26th Sept 2017, this option is not visible but we will update you soon. Also subscribe to our email list for future updates.


  4. I ordered a product using the Debit card EMI option and then cancelled it…though it’s reflecting as Refund completed from Flipkart end my bank i.e, HDFC is still charging me an EMI for a product that I didn’t even purchase…does anyone have any idea about it

  5. i want to buy iphone 6s plus but hdfc bank debit card shows it as your card is not eligible why please tell me how can i get emi on debit card

  6. I had opted for HDFC Debit card EMI. Will the EMI’s get deducted automatically from my account or do I need to pay it manually?
    After purchasing the order, Received a sms from HDFC that EMI starts from 1st August and till now my amount not deducted.

  7. Hi,

    Why is this option is applicable only for one product….. For same bracket we can buy multiple products rite….. If that option given it would be awesome……

  8. I had Purchased Through debit card and selected emi option and my order was placed successfully on 01st oct and than my friend cancelled it and ask me to order in between 10 to 15th oct so according to that with in 24 hours i had cancelled and i receive one message on which you had informed that the amount will get refund in 6 business days but on 07th day while i called flipkart customer support team first i had a word with nishil and than there was a swati and i had called from my number 8779086108 but the both person was keep saying that i need to wait more 6 days for the refund and they both was not even aware and as i am asking them just because of this offer which we had in between 10th to 15th oct megasales on which they can make the amount transfer as i already waited 6 days already and i was asking for my money which i spend and i was looking out for a purchase through flipkart only but now i had purchased through amazon your team just loosing your customers as your service was getting down and the issue which i faced for that i will pray your flipkart will get shutdown in a while and you guys really face a big loss.

  9. I ve availed Debit EMI from FLipkart, but the entire amount is debited from my account and gone to negatve balance. Why did this Happened

  10. If i want to purchase a product worth rs 40000. Loan amount on my debit card is rs 25000. i want to pay rs 20000(as dp or whatever) and i want to split remaining 20k in different emi. Is that possible?

  11. I brought a mobile from flipkart through hdfc debit card emi 12 months instalment .. and the product amount deducted from my savings account. Now the my account in negative amount.. so when it’s converting to emi. Or thier is any problem.. the whole amount deducted from main account amount. So where is the debit card emi .. I am done the transaction by debit card option only . Why it’s deducted.. reply and help me out


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