How to pay with EMI on Flipkart


In this “how to” we will go through all the necessary steps to avail EMI on Flipkart, the process is really simple and other than credit cards some products also available on bajaj emi card with no cost emi.

EMI Without Credit Cards?

Yes, you can not get EMI without credit cards , currently only available on SBI and HDFC Debit cards with maximum limit of Rs 75,000.

How to Pay using PhonePe?


  1.  Select any product which value is more than 4000 Rs. In our example we will go though process of buying iPhone 6.
  2. To get information about the emi charges with current product click on “EMI Plans” as highlighted in below image.
    flipkart emi
  3. Where you click on the “EMI Plans” you will see the list of credit cards and months, so if you go for long period emi loan you have to pay more interest.flipkart-emi-2
  4. Add Product to the Cart and checkout, select your Address and for Payment method select  EMI.
    You can select your bank and months you want.flipkart emi
  5. You can view your monthly emi and interest rate when you select emi months.
  6. Finally enter your Credit Card details and proceed with payments.

Now Flipkart also provides No Cost EMI, with Bajaj Finserv EMI card

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Q: Can I get EMI on Debit/ATM card from Flipkart?
A: EMI options currently available on credit card with selected banks and you can also avail without credit card from Bajaj EMI Card.

Q: What is the downpayment amount for getting emi on credit card?
A: There is no downpayment system for online credit card emi, your emi will start as per your billing cycle of credit card.

Q: What is minimum amount reacquired to get product on emi?
A: For credit card emi, your credit limit should be more than product price like if product is worth 35,000 then your available credit limit should be 35,000 or more. Once your emi payment is completed then then your credit limit will be deducted. If your credit limit is 1,00,000 and you bought product worth 35,000, then your credit limit will be 65,000. For Bajaj EMI Card on flipkart it depends on your Loan.

Q: What happens if I cancel product which bought using EMI?
A: You will get full refund if your first emi bill is not generated , if your first bill is generated then you will not get refund of interest paid to bank only original amount.

Q: Why it shows full amount deducted from my credit card even I have chose EMI?
A: The SMS may show full amount when you complete process, but this amount will be converted to EMI within 4-7 days.


  1. I have sbi card I would lik to cancel auto debit option. The cc telling its not possible to cancel is it right? But u can convert MAD(minimum amount due) it is good?

    • Most online stores not provide EMI without Credit card, Please connect with local store they provide EMI using Bajaj Finserve or TATA Capital so EMI amount will directly debited from your Saving bank account.

  2. If I make a purchase through EMI for a product around 40k (6 month EMI) Will I have to pay the first emi instantly or can I pay that in next month ? Please help !

    • It’s depends on your billing cycle.. If your bill date is 12th of every month. And you bought some item with emi after 12th.. Then your first emi payment will be in next month.

  3. Sir I have SBI advantage savings credit card with 3000 limit , can I use this card to buy a product worth 13000 with EMI option .

    • You can try but. For emi but from my experience credit limit should be equal or higher than transaction amount. You can apply to increase credit limit to SBI credit card.

  4. If I buy iphone 6 of 44k
    And select emi option for 24 months
    Will the whole amount of mobile i.e 44k will be detected or the regular 2000 will be detected??

  5. Hey admin,
    I want to buy iphone 6 on flipkart..and i have selected 24months Emi option..i am really worried that its very costly..and are there any chances of fraud?…and they will automatically do the transaction every month from the bank or we need to go??
    Please tell!!

  6. sir i like to buying asus zenphone
    i have only debit card
    i want emi option
    can i use emi option using interner banking?
    if use internetbanking for emi please said

  7. if any bank give debitcard and cerdit card for single account..
    i not used credit card upto now …can i know feww details about credit card

  8. when I purchase a product from flipkart …how much time my instalment has been deducted during purchase through EMI……….Is it on same time during purchase or it will take after the deliver of goods………

  9. Hey Admin !

    I brought a product worth 5K via EMI (axis bank credit card). While transaction it charged the full amount which is 5k instead of monthly EMI amount which is 1.5K.

    Will the remaining money get credited again to my card or the whole amount will convert to EMi while paying ?

    Please explain in detail
    Thanks a lot in advance 🙂

  10. I want to buy one plus one mobile by emi method bt the amount in my credit card is only 2000 .if I could by it or not .please reply me

    • There is no down-payment system. But you can add amount as you like.. If you emi is 1000 , you can add 2000 .. its your choice 🙂

  11. i want to buy moto g 3 total cost is 12999.for 12 months emi plan i ve to pay Rs 1168 per month. i Have sbi credit card n i want to know total interest pay to the bank.

  12. Hey Admin !

    I brought a product worth 15000 via EMI (SBI CREDIT CARD). While transaction it charged the full amount which is 15000 instead of monthly EMI amount which is 2596

    Will the remaining money get credited again to my card or the whole amount will convert to EMi while paying ?

    Please explain in detaIL…

    • Yes , you are right my friend.You answered your own question.
      It will take 5-7 days to convert to emi. You only have to pay 2596 per month.


    • Currently only Credit cards from some banks are available for EMI on Flipkart for Motorola X Play.
      Bajaj Finserv EMI card is not valid for online .

  14. Hello,

    I am Confused regarding this issue…!

    I have ICICI HPCL Corel Credit card (Having Limit Rs.40,000/-)..
    I am Planning to buy Moto X play (Rs. 18,499/- on Flipkart)…

    I would like to choose EMI option for 18 months which will be something around 1,200/month.

    Please mention which one is true [Option-1 or Option-2]

    While making the payment…………

    1) The total amount Rs.18,499/- will be deducted and my credit card limits comes to Rs.21,500/-.. Later We have to pay to the bank(for credit card payment) in EMI at Rs.1200/Month.

    2) The First installment Rs 1,200/Month will be deducted (My card limit will be as Rs.38,800/-) and next month it will automatically deducts next month installment directly from my credit card. We have to pay back to the credit card.

    If Option One is true……..

    What is the difference between ………………………the below two

    “Making full payment with our credit card and converting the outstanding loan amount into EMI”
    “Making Payment through EMI as mentioned in OPTION-1”

    Please clear my doubts regarding this.
    I hope many people have the similar doubts…..

    Your response is highly appreciated….

    Thank you
    P V Raviteja
    I will be available @ 91-9493009483

    • Once you pay with credit card.
      Your credit limit will decrease to amount of product, it will be 40000 – 18499 (21500).
      You monthly bill will be as per your emi month selected, which you have to pay manually.(If auto debit is not active).

  15. Hello Admin,

    Thank you for the response..

    Can you please let me know

    What is the difference between ………………………the below two

    “Making full payment with our credit card and converting the outstanding loan amount into EMI”


    “Making Payment through EMI which you have mentioned earlier”

    Please clear my doubts regarding this.
    I hope many people have the similar doubts…..

    Your response is highly appreciated….

  16. sir , i have a doubt reagading ,….at the time of buy of any item ,,……how mouch money must be in my account ,,,,,,full amount of the item nd ,,,,,,or ….only for single time monthly amount of my product EMI is enough……nd next month also same EMI amount is enough ,,,,,,

  17. Please tell me how I can get a credit card through one of the banks listed for your EMI facility & what is the transaction system of the card.?

  18. Dear admin, during the time of payment on flipkart for emi do we have to pay the whole amount of the product during paying it by credit card.. if yes then what is the meaning of EMI???

  19. Admin mre pas na credit card h na debit me har mnth apne indusild bank account me apni emi bhar skta hu to kya me led tv order kar skta hu

  20. Hi, I am trying to buy the Moto G 3rd generation 16b, priced 12999 INR. I am trying to buy this phone via EMI method.
    I selected ICICI bank under EMI option, as I have ICICI credit card. entered the one of months given and clicked proceed.
    But unfortunately, its not accepting the payment.
    Do i have to have 12,999 INR in credit card for this transaction or 1st EMI amount is also okay?
    Please help me with this. Thanking you in anticipation.

  21. I had Citi Bank credit card… I am planing to purchase moto-x play on 15th October.. using EMI option…

    can you please clarify me When i use EMI option the 10% offer will application or not?!!

    if not how can i get 10% offer using EMI or any other option using same city bank credit card?

    Thanks in advance

  22. Hi, I am planning to purchase the new Iphone6s, I have a credit card also. So if i choose the EMI option, and the EMI will be of Suppose 5500 / month. So In my Account i must have more than 7000 rupees for the 1st EMI or I have to carry the full amount Like 62000.

  23. […] We have discussed about how we place an order and how the order is dispatched to the customer. Now we will have a thorough look at the options we have for the payment. Payment matters a lot in the development of the E-commerce businesses. Flip Kart took care of this and thus now stands in one of the top e-commerce companies. Consumers will prefer the service that has more options so that they can pay it in the way they desire.                                                                                     Flip Kart has many options such as pay through credit card on the website itself when the order is placed, pay on cash on delivery or pay through card after the delivery. Paying through the credit card immediately when the order is placed is done in the web page of the Flip Kart. In this one should select the products and add them to the cart and then select the month and bank. Later the shipping address is added and EMI is selected in the payment method. Select the months and the bank and if all are finalized then enter the card details. This completes the payment on the website immediately after placing the order.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Apart from this it also provides an option of paying on cash after delivery. Once the customer receives the order he can pay the amount to the courier boy. This money is transferred to the Flip Kart by the courier service. They have the links ups so that they can transfer the money. This completes the complete process from placing the order to the delivery.                  Reference: […]

  24. Hey hi …
    I have a quick question…i am planningto buy an iphone 6 ..could u let me knw .that is it necessary to pay some amount in starting…i have my credit card i want to use an emi for fully payment ….plz let me knw

  25. Hi.
    I like buy a phone by emi method
    In my card amount is less than phone amount for example i like phone Rs 10000 but i have Rs 4000 in my creditcard can i buy it

  26. Hii sir im Deepu-Raj n i want to buy new mobile Sony Xperia M4 Aqua im EMI so starting down payment how much can i pay …. ….

  27. Admin,,,how much has to pay for mobile in flipkart..
    i wanna sell LENOVO seems EMI 485..
    SO FIRST HOW MUCH I CAN PAY..THAT mobile price is 9,999….
    money takes on by credit card ot debit card?
    can you say

  28. Dear admin
    I purchase LENOVO VIBE P1 dt 8 via axix bank credit card…my bill genrate dt 12.. So which date for my emi….and any other charges against installment as per ur details…..suppose u decribe 1429 rs p.m installment….so i pay 1429 ir more

    • Keep eye on online statement, if you purchased and still not generated emi (12th November). You might get full amount in Bill. But in online statement it will show only EMI not full amount after conversion.

      So dont go hurry to pay bill. wait and watch online statement and pay bill of emi plus other expenditures.

      If still have confusions connect with your bank.

  29. I learnt a lot from these Q&A mentioned above but their is a doubt in my mind ‘if i make the pament considering all the things like credit limit.. is it necessary to keep the whole mobile charges all the time or we can use it after they give me the remaning amount after deducting the one month emi.

    • Did not get your question clearly.. but here is the thing.

      If your credit limit is 10000 and you bought item worth 9000 then your new credit limit will be 1000.
      So you can use 1000 for other purchase, how ever after fist emi you paid 1000 , so your credit limit will increase to 2000.

      So as you pay your emi monthly your credit limit will increase , and once you completed your all EMI there will be full credit limit.

      Hope this helps.

  30. I have purchased an item in flipkart of 9000 thru SBI credit card EMI on 09.11.2015. Entire amount has been debited from my card. As my billing date is on 11.11.2015 entire amount has been billed. How EMI option works in my case as I have to pay the entire amount by month end?? Pls help

    • As per my experience you dont have to pay full amount. Just wait for few more days the amount will convert to EMI.
      If you have access to online SBI credit card statement, please check it again its been converted or not.?

  31. Hi,
    Can I pay some down payment first?
    Suppose I wants to Moto X Style of Rs.30000. Can I make a pre payment of Rs. 10000 first at the time of buying and will the bank charge interest only on Rs.20000 i.e. the remaining balance payment through EMI?

    • Moto X Style :
      Currently there is no option of pre-payment of emi.

      How ever I can suggest one option
      1. Buy GIFT voucher link worth 10000
      2. Checkout the Moto X Style use your gift card of 10000
      3. For remaining balance use your credit card EMI.
      4. So you have to only pay interest on remaining amount.

      comment here, if this works.

  32. Hello Sir ,
    I have a ICICI bank credit card.. with a limit of 20,000.
    I want to but Samsung Galaxy j7 worth 16,000 .. on emi of 24 months.. total 18.5k with monthly installments 780.

    I understand the fact that the total amount will be debited 1rst tym… den refunded..
    And i have to pay monthly 780 in my credit card bill.. correct me if i am wrong..

    Now, my question is ..
    Will my credit limit for every month from now (i.e. for 2 years) will be 1.5k (20k – 18.5k) or 19.2k(20k – 780) ??
    And 2nd question..
    Can i close my emi 1 year later by paying off all the total amount due ?

    Thank You so much…

    • Very good question.

      Your credit limit will increase as you pay your monthly bill of credit card.
      1st month credit limit after payment of 1st EMI (20000 – 18500 = 1500) + 780 : 1500+780 — 2280
      2st month credit limit after payment of 1st EMI (20000 – 18500 = 1500) + 780 : 1500 + 780 +780 — 3060

      So in short your credit limit will increase as you pay your monthly bill.

      Ans2: There is no option close the emi advance. You can add credit to your credit card and monthly your installment will deduct. but not good choice as you still have to pay Interest.

      My advice:

      Dont use all your credit limit and go for full payment after 1 year.,
      buy 10000 Rs Flipkart Gift Card. Rest amount pay with credit card EMI.

      • Hello Sir,
        I bought samsung j7 for 15,000.. 12 months emi.. at 13%.. so monthly.. 1340..
        They deducted 2 amounts with description amazon emi..
        But then again.. they charged 23 rupees as service tax. Why so ? Will they charge that extra 23 rupees for every month ? (1340 x 12) already includes the 13% extra charge.. so y this 23 rupees ?

        Don’t mind me asking about 23 rupees only.. but jst wanted to clear my doubts.. will it be changed every month ? And Wat is it ?

        • Thanks for comment, yes 23Rs is important if you pay EMI. May be in terms and conditions they have mentioned about extra service charges.
          For flipkart emi it may only contains interest rate not services tax.

          You can contact your bank which provided you credit card for this part.

          • I have an ICICI bank credit card.. and it charged me 23 rs as Service Tax.. along with the 1340 emi per month (including interest) .. do i need to contact the icici bank in that case ?

            Thank You for all the help…

  33. Hi I would like to buy Samsung or ASUS smart phone I don’t have crite card but I have my account only or other account ATM card can I use that

  34. Hi admin.I booked a order of Rs.17000.I selected EMI option using my SBI card to purchase.WHen i entered details,an alert came stating that ‘Sorry! Your card is currently not supported for this transaction’.So what does it mean.N also can u say me the minimum balance needed to be in my account for succesful purchase through EMI.PLs reply me soon Admin.

  35. Sir,I have a debit card of Bank of India.I want to buy Moto G 3rd Gen.Can It Be possible by flipkart and if possible,please can you tell me how?

  36. I have HDFC credit Card which has 30k limit and i already used about 21k, so can i order for another purchase in EMI option and the product is 12.5 k ??

  37. i want to buy samsung on 7. with my state bank master card ,can i buy samsung on emi ?? & i want know how much money debit from my account first time??? plzz reply me fast

  38. sir i want to buy iphone 6s plus which worth is 50k but on the spot i have only 20k how can i get it on EMI ?? while i have a credit card of HDFC.

  39. I need to buy a Motorola X play via my sbi credit card. What be the banking process??
    Only 1st month amount will they take?? Or complete rate they took with in the first month??
    I need help.. Pls
    In 12 cycles one month cost around 1700. On 1st month how much of the balance they took from account??


  41. Sir, i want to buy a smartphone on EMI, i jzt wnt to ask dat the amount of EMI is cut from my account at the time of order or after one month???? Reply fast sir.

    ( order k samay hi frst month ka charge katega yaa ek mhine baad??)

  42. plz explain how to pay the installments to banks ,by normal transfer methods , any documents required during the installment pay to the banks

  43. I don’t have credit card and my bank is syndicate bank not listed in flipkart
    any other options??? to pay EMI

  44. I have purchased moto g 3rd gen in flipkart with 850 EMI for 12 months. I paid 3 months EMI. Now I want to pay the due amount in single payment. Its possible or not pls tell me.

    • Connect with your bank who issued your credit card. Or enable auto-debit. In any case you have to pay interest .

  45. I want to buy a Lenovo a A6000 plus with EMI,but I have no credit card,but I have an account in what can I do????

  46. If i brought mobile with EMI option the full amount will taken from bank loan then i have pay the money for bank with interest is it correct?

  47. I want to knw if I want to buy a mobile on emi base so when do I get my mobile after paying the full amount or bfr

  48. sir, i want to but sony ps4 . worth rs 36950
    My cr card limit is 40000.
    but in my a/c rs 10000 remain.
    can i go for it ?


  49. sir, i want to buy sony ps4 . worth rs 36950
    My cr card limit is 40000.
    but in my a/c rs 10000 remain.
    can i go for it ?


  50. My credit card limit is 35000 but I have already used 34500 so can I do emi of rs.1060 for 9 months and how will be payment procedure will it cut in this month or nxt month

    can I get emi offer my credit credit is of sbi bank

  51. My credit card limit is 35000 but I have already used 34500 so can I do emi of rs.1060 for 9 months and how will be payment procedure will it cut in this month or nxt month

    can I get emi offer my credit credit is of sbi bank

    How much balance should be left in my credit card the whole purchasing amount or the emi payment

    • As you mentioned you already have used your credit . So you current credit limit is 1060 Rs. Which is less that the product price so , you wont be able to purchase Item on EMI.
      Your credit limit should be more than item you buy.

  52. How can i pay the money.Debit card are not supported to EMI option.How can i pay the money through the debit card.If any other option pls share with me.

  53. Sir tell me about downpayment scheme i want to buy samsung j7 2016 on EMI but i want to pay Rs.7000 advance for down payment suggest me please

  54. I bought a mobile on emi with my friends credit card for the first month. Now can i pay with my credit card from next month?

  55. I want to buy iphone6s on instalment basis without credit card .plzzz tell me the process and amout of each instalment ….

  56. I want to buy Samsung note 4 from Flipkart with EMI option but i don’t have any credit card but a SBI debit card.
    plz help me out….

  57. I want to buy Samsung note 5 on flipkart with EMI option but i don’t have any credit card but a SBI Debit card. So plzz help me out…

  58. I want a product rd.15000 on Jeff credit card emo option.but my credit balance is rs2000……can I buy product rs15000 on emo???????

  59. My credit card limit is 25000.i want product rd.15000on emi.emi is 730.but my credit card balance is 2000.can i buy product or any other option??????

  60. I recently purchased a 30000 rs laptop from flipkart on emi through sbi card d total amount was deducted as per the policies but its been more than 7 days and the emi amount is still showing the same it is not yet been converted into emi amount,what to do?

    • If you follow process of emi on flipkart with your credit card dont worry. Mean while you can connect with your bank customer care for confirmation.

  61. i purchased a laptop from flipkart for 30000 on sbi card emi but the full amount is not been converted into emi its been more than a month since than
    plz help

    • If card on Delivery option available , then I think you can convert transaction to EMI by calling your bank. Please confirm with your bank credit card.


  62. To buy a mobile in flipkart for emi, first how much to pay for delivery in phone. For example : i want to buy samsung galaxy its cost is 13500 emi per month 1101 u delivery the phone frst time how much to pay in a mobile

  63. क्या मैं युको बैंक का किसान क्रैडिट कार्ड emi के लिए प्रयोग कर सकता हू

  64. क्या मैं युको बैंक का किसान क्रैडिट कार्ड emi के लिए प्रयोग कर सकता हू

  65. sir I have union bank ATM. I want to buy redmi 3s prime worth of 9k .. I will take 6 months of Emi .. how much can I pay for downpayment??

  66. I want to buy mobile from flipkart using “sbi pre approved loan” as SBI and FLIPKART signed deal so SBI saving account holder can buy products without credit card. But I am unable to find products under this offer. Can you help me find which mobiles are available to buy under sbi pre approved loan, please.

  67. sir am planning to buy dslr camera on emi…i want to know is only the selected emi amount will be deducted or the total amount of prouduct
    plese clear my doubt about it…pls help

  68. Did the monthly credit card bill comes to our home like electric bill? and how to pay the bill offline?i want to buy oppo f1s 19000/- and if my billing cycle is at date 20 every month tell me what will happen step by step when i will order on 15

    • Yes your credit card bill will be delivered to your address , also you can check online with login details.

      Not sure but if you order on 15th and Billing cycle is 20 then you may get your first emi on this month.

      Check with your bank.

  69. I wanna buy Redmi Note 4 using EMI with credit card option. The price of the phone is 9,999 but balance in my account is 8000. Is the transaction likely to fail? (credit limit is more than the amount)

  70. hello i want to buy a mobile worth 7000 from flipkart by emi but i have only 1000 in my credit card ac .so can i buy it by depositing 1000 every month in my ac.plz reply now ok.

    • Hello, Saugata
      Your credit limit should be Rs 7000 or more to purchase mobile on EMI . Depositing 1000 every month wont work.


  71. sir if my ATM have only 2000 rupees and i want to buy 17,000 rupees phone at emi then is it possible to buy.and i will increase my ATM money by depositing Money after few days?

  72. I want to buy Asus zenfone selfie which is 9999 rupees how many rupees is available in my account to by this phone

  73. Bajaj ke no cost emi ka first installment kab pay kqrna hoga
    ex… mene phone 9 june ko online buy kiya to
    Jab buy kiya tqbhhi pqy kqrna hoga?

  74. Hello admin
    I want to buy iPhone 6s which cost is 36000 and my hdfc credit limit is 30000 and I also have 20000balance in credit card
    Will I choose emi or not
    Else will I increase my hdfc credit limit

    • If you have money available on bank, you can buy Gift Card worth Rs 16,000 and pay with Gift card plus your hdfc credit card.
      How ever I will suggest to increase your hdfc credit limit.

  75. hi,

    post process the same with my icici credit card, there are one more page avail of otp secuire pin page where i need to put otp n also there r option to select credit card emi option again to get credit card. though i hv not chked yet but plz let me knw

  76. I want to buy a MacBook from Flipkart through emi. If I want to pay the entire amount after a few months will I be allowed to do so?

  77. hai i have only debit card but i want to purchase one mobile through emi… u can give through debit base or not?


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