Flipkart EMI without Credit Cards – (2018 Guide)


Buying large value item is easy with Flipkart even if you dont have credit  card. There are now many options available to buy Mobile, TV and other appliances with easy EMI without credit cards.

Below are the some of the options available from Flipkart which help you to buy on installment without credit card.

Bajaj Finserv EMI Card

If you already have Bajaj Finance EMI Card then its really easy to buy your favorite product.

In Bajaj Finance most the large value items are available, depends on your credit limit or loan amount you can buy.

There is 0% interest using Bajaj Finance, so you dont have to pay extra interest while buying any products.

How to buy using Bajaj EMI Card

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Debit Card EMI

Almost all bank account comes with Debit Card, and new offer from Flipkart about Debit Card EMI is good for customers who dont have credit cards.

Selected Banks like HDFC and Axis Bank provides debit card EMI on Flipkart, SBI will also provide in near future.

You can add your debit card and check if you are eligible for Debit Card EMI.

There will be some interest rate from 14-16% , which will be deducted monthly, you can get more information

Mobiles on Debit Card EMI

TV on Debit Card EMI

Cardless Credit EMI

Cardless Credit EMI is new and available to only selected customers of Flipkart.

Cardless EMI Interest rates

MonthCardless EMI
3 Months0% – No Cost EMI
6 Months25% Interest
12 Months25% Interest


How to Apply Cardless Credit

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Interest rates for Flipkart EMI

EMI TypeDownpayment3 Months6 Months9 Months12 Months
Bajaj EMI00%0%NANA
Debit Card EMI0NA14%-16%14%-16%14%-16%
Cardless Credit EMI00%25%NA25%

NA= Not available for selected tenure.


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