Flipkart EMI Options Updated [2018]


Flipkart offer EMI on minimum order value offer ₹4,000.

EMI Charges and Interest rate as on 11-06-2018


Flipkart EMI Options
Yes Bank12%12%13%13%


Please follow these steps to avail EMI on Flipkart

If you are looking for No Cost EMI and Bajaj EMI  follow this guide How to buy using No Cost EMI.

Credit Card EMI option.

  • Choose the bank and plan (3, 6, 9 or 12-month) of your choice and enter your credit card details.
  • Please note that the full amount will be charged on your card the day of the transaction. On next billing cycle you pay 1st EMI.
  •  Please note that this option is available only when the cart contains items from a single seller.
  • There is NO processing fee charged for availing Flipkart’s EMI payment option. On return or exchange, interest charged by the bank till that time will not be refunded by Flipkart.
The table below shows a representative rendering of EMI plans for a Rs 20,000 purchase on Flipkart paid using the EMI payment plan
Tenure (months)Loan amountMonthly installmentBank interest rateTotal effective price you payInterest paid to Bank
3Rs 20,000Rs 6,800.4412.00%Rs. 20,401.33Rs. 401.33
6Rs 20,000Rs 3,450.9712.00%Rs 20,705.80Rs. 705.80
9Rs 20,000Rs 2,344.3213.00%Rs 21,098.89Rs. 1,098.89
12Rs 20,000Rs 1,786.3513.00%Rs 21,436.15Rs. 1,436.15



  1. if the product cost is 13K and I choose EMI option and after that is it possible to pay 7K in advanced for first EMI and after that on remaining amount they can charge on outstanding amount i.e 6k.
    whether they will change my EMI amount

  2. Bought products worth Rs 10,119 on SBI EMI offer (3 months), got instant cashback of Rs1,250, paid Rs 8,869. Now returned a product worth Rs 650 from the same order. What what will be the consequences?

    • Thats kind a tricky.. Hope you can keep the cashback. as it was directly given by the bank ,not Flikart. Do update comment how much did you get back after return.

  3. if a buy a phone of 6999/-
    I choose option of 12 months EMI
    I Chosse HDFC bank whose monthly instalment is 625/-
    Then my first payment would be 625/- ????
    I mean to ask that is thera any downpayment ???
    Do reply as soon as possible

    • Currently for online Store credit card require for EMI. For offline you can opt for Bajaj Easy Finance at Electronic store like Vijay Sales and Chroma.

  4. hello,
    i just want to ask that how i use EMI service from flipkart
    because i am confused.
    as i want to buy a pair of shoes of puma then what will be the procedure of EMI service.
    please let me know as soon as possible

    • This site just provide information.. this is not official website for Flipkart EMI. You can always connect them via Customer Care.

  5. Sir , I have FD credit card , limited 16k so if need to take a t.v of 34k , shall I be processed to book in emi options , so that I can pay first 3 mnths emi along with processing fees , is that can be processed. Plz gv me suggestion.

    • As per my knowledge if your credit limit is 16k, then you can buy only item worth Rs.16k for EMI without any outstanding bill.
      Connect with your bank to increase credit limit.

  6. If i buy mob worth 10000/- with 14% in 12 instalments… then the total amount that i have to pay is 10000*0.14+10000 = 11400/-

  7. I bought the dslr camera in Emi so u get the total amount immediate or monthly monthly you get the Emi amount ex 1000

  8. i want to buy xiomi redmi note 4g worthing 9999rs for emi,and the monthly istallment shown there is 485rs.Is it is the actual price i have to give them monthly?

  9. hello sir…..
    This is my firsttime online purchase,,,,,,
    i have an doubt in emi option…i like buy microsoft mobile 535..
    12 month emi is 765….my account balance is 800..is that possible to buy a mobile or not…
    next doubt
    first time i pay 765.next month flipkart automatically deduct RS 765 in my account or not ?????
    how i pay in every month??

  10. yes sir am using depit card…..am entered my card number it display an error…..”sorry emi facility is not avaliable for this card”…. i don’t know what is that proble sir..and also am entered another card that also display error…help me sir……

  11. i want purchase maicrosoft lumia 535 in emi….how the proses on flipkart….or ho sake to hindi me jawab de dena mere bhai…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. Hi ..
    I am trying to get new pc parts so i am getting all of them from flipkart so the total emi for all the product is some around 5500 so how much does my bank account should contain to get all items in emi

  13. Dear Admin,
    i recently buy AC from flipkart through EMI. The product price is 26k. i selected 9 month emi, n on flipkart shown Single EMI rs.3048/- and bank interest is 13%. and i want to confirm that the bank interest is apply on every single emi or on Total amount ? with interest they show product price is Rs.27,429/-. Now tell me what is my emi for every month ?

  14. hiii…..i want to buy camera of RS /- 24000 where the EMI is 1065/- what is the initial amount to be paid…….is there any requirement of minimum balace in the account to use the option EMI ???

  15. i want to purchse a mobile worth rupees 20,000/- on EMI
    I want to make a downpayment of rs 10,000/- so that it can be easy for me to pay off monthly installments.
    please let me know that can i make this downpayment or not?

  16. hi please help i will buy a nokia x2 mobile in flipkart using emi method
    1.when i will get my product
    2.i sellect 12month 1st month 629
    3.2nd month my credit don’t have balance now what do that company
    please help

  17. i bought 13k mobile ane choose 12 month emi Of rs.1162 but when i placed the order the whole 13 k debited from my credit card. Help me with that.

    • Your sms notification will show full amount.. And in online statement it will show full amount sometimes. But don’t worry your monthly bill will show 1162. By the way which bank credit card you are using?
      Hope this helps.
      Connect with bank for further clarification.

    • Same problem so what should be done . if u have placed the order then let me know what amount was debited from your account number

  18. Hi admin…if i buy product of cost 8999….witn emi option through sbi….how much processing fee for 6 months.in flip kart

  19. If i Bought a product of Rs. 1000
    and charged 3500*3 ( 3 months emi)
    and i returned the product in the 1st week.
    Will my amount be refunded ??? Nd if how much ?

    • This is really good question.

      Answer depends on your billing cycle, if your billing date is 12th ( 1st emi bill) and your return/refund process on 13th. Then only first interest amount will be charged rest of the amount will be refunded.

      If you process refund before billing date.. Then full amount will be refunded.

      This is my personal experience, please connect with flipkart cs for further assistance. Reply to this comment for update from your side.

      • Full amount is credited in your account. But ur loan is not foreclosed though. It means if ur next bill is 20 k and suppose flipkart returned full amount of 10k. Then overall u need to pay 10k as bill. This is how it gets adjusted. Don’t worry u r not paying anything extra except the interest and it can be avoided by foreclosing the loan. I have recent experience of it. I ordered k3 and den cancelled the order. U can also get ur refund in flipkart wallet. So next time u can purchase anything which ultimately gets balanced with ur emi.

  20. I have selected 6 emi option on sbi credit card for moto g 2 when i was redirected to merchant site then it was saying total 10999 is to be paid . how is this possible i have selected 1909 ₹ per month only so i should pay 1909 today ????

  21. I want to buy a product of Rs. 32,000. I have figured that I need to pay installments of Rs. 2000 for 18 months. What if I decide to pay rest of the money in 2 months. Do I have an option of doing that?

  22. i like to buy i phone 6 in emi option for 24 month.
    what will be my emi amount for each month..
    am using HDFC credit card..

  23. Hello admin
    I gonna buy a mobile through emi. I have only debit arm card. Can I buy through that is my question !!

  24. how much amount will be deducted when i cancel a order placed on EMI . I want to cancel this order before delivery…

  25. sir, i am going to buy a mobile of rs 7000 using my credit card . what is the mode of payment of EMI, when and how should it be payable

  26. Dear Admin
    I bought a split AC yesterday from flipkart on 6months EMI from axis credit card @ 12%.
    I’m surprised to see on axis bank on line banking that the interest applicable is 18%?

    This is cheating..

  27. Dear
    Admin please find the link below:

    [link removed]

    the bank is charging 18% not 12% as shown in Flipkarts portal, and also charging a processing fee of rs 398/- vivi a viz free as shown in flipkart.

    Please suggest a solution fast . I should not be suffering.


    Anand Gautam, [number deleted]

  28. Hello admin
    I gonna buy a mobile through emi. I have only debit arm card. Can I buy through that is my question !!

  29. I want to buy mobile of RS /- 12000 where the EMI is Rs. 3,753 /- what is the initial amount to be paid ?…….is there any requirement of minimum balance in the account to use the option EMI ?
    What will be the first amount to be debited from my account if i have placed the order…Is Rs 12k is needed to place the order?

  30. hi, i want to ask that those who have credit card they only can avail emi option others having debit cards can’t avail emi option. why?

    • Simple answer is. To avoid fraud. For debit cards if there is EMI option, anybody will buy on EMI then next month withdraw account to nill. To get credit cards you have to provide income proof and other documents..

  31. Hi,
    my credit limit is Rs 50,000.
    can i buy a product which costs Rs 53,000 if i add Rs 3000 to my credit card?? (with emi)

  32. can u please tell me , why iam seeng a warning box SORRY EMI FACILITY IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS CARD , actually i used SBI debit card

  33. I want to buy mobile of RS 9000 where the EMI is Rs. 485 /- what is the initial amount to be paid ?…….is there any requirement of minimum balance in the account to use the option EMI ?
    What will be the first amount to be debited from my account if i have placed the order..

  34. I want to buy galaxy max worth rupee 11999 and my credit card is blocked at yet so can u tell me how much i have to pay when placing order for 12 months EMI???
    Only the first Emi ammount or the whole product ammount pls make a quick reply.!!

    • Hello, EMI interest rate also depends on credit card bank. Which bank issued your credit card?

      When you make transaction, first whole amount will deduct and then it will be converted to EMI.

      So your credit card limit should be more than 11999 Rs.

  35. hello sir,
    I wanna BUY S5 Rs.22999 on EMI
    for 12 months its 24800 n each month its 2077
    so my question is Your company will charge 2077 each month upto 12 months right???
    any extra upon this payment???

  36. Hi sir I want mobile htc 626g for emi option , and my credit card limit only i having 5 only how to i purchase this mobile

  37. Please note that the full amount will be charged on your card the day of the transaction. On next billing cycle you pay 1st EMI. ??

    Someone please clarify this statement…..I m pretty confused ….that if full amount will be charged then whats the meaning of EMI ????

    • Yes.. First full amount will deduct then this amount will be converted to emi. You don’t have to pay full amount, only emi per month

  38. Dear sir
    I just want to buye HP laptop choose emi option but when I my paying site is ducting total amount what to do….?

  39. hello Sir…i wanna buy laptop worth rs.20500 via emi. what would be the first installment amount to be paid? please reply sir

  40. i have doubt ? i buy Sony Ultra z on flipkart ubder emi option used my SBI Card.. In deliver time Products wrong deliver or Cancel order in myself… Who one to cancel my emi option bank or Flipkart? pls reply …

    • Flipkart payment gateway will cancel the emi. Please note that if cancelled after first bill of credit card.. You paid interest won’t be refunded.

    • Flipkart will cancel the emi… If your first bill of credit card generated in month then you have to pay interest amount.. Rest amount will be refunded

      • Thanks admin 🙂 Products amount Rs.13,999. i purchased under emi 12 months rs.1,257 the total amount of products is rs.15,074. so i get refund from flipkart rs.13,999 only, the total interest amount Rs.1075 not refunded.

      • thank u admin reply 🙂 your reply help to clarify my doubt 🙂 and replied comment what i understand. Is it right? pls reply ..

  41. I want to buy a phone worth rs 12k., but i have 6k in my bank account., this would be possible to buy this phone ?

  42. hi i want to purchase a mobile worth 5000.. i am a student n i wanted to by through emi.. to get the order..is it necessary to pay some kind of amount say 2000 in advance?..because i can only arrange 500 per month..i ll credit my emi amount 500 every month to my account.. is it possible ?

  43. Hi can i know whether we can shop with debit card in EMI option?????????????? when we enter into EMI option its asked that whether debit/credit card.


  45. I purchased mobile from flipkart worth rs.7500/- using my hdfc credit card on EMI basis-6 mnths option…Initially on the day of purchase i have been charged with the full amount.. i.e., 7500/- now my doubt is that 1. when i opted for emi i should be charged with the first mnth EMI amount only…. 2. I paid my frist EMI with my first mnth credit card bill. and the amount i paid has been reflected as available balance to use…
    I am unable to understand this EMI process. Can u Plz explain me this….

    • 1. Charging of full amount will check if you have credit available to purchase. After some days this will be converted to emi.
      Not sure what did you mean by available balance..

  46. yesterday i choose 2 mobile Rs.19141/- for emi for 24 month basis all prosses are done accpt from last place order button cant press.if there is time like 9am to 9pm like that after that cnt

  47. Sir..
    I have a axis bank credit card wd limit of 34000. So can I purchase a 30000 rs goods on ist day on emi and 20000 rs goods on 2nd day on emi??
    …thanks in advance. …

    • If your credit limit is 34000 and you purchase goods worth 30000, then you can only purchase item worth 4000.
      Once you start paying bill of 30000 , your credit will increase.

    • Bajaj EMI card is not valid for online EMI, you can buy local store like CromoRetails , Vijay Sales with Bajaj EMI Cards

  48. hello
    i bought moto g 3 for 13000rs today andi have used the emi option via my bank and may i know how the money get deducted from my account throgh emi, as it shows that the due amount which i had to pay ie 13000 is actually deducted from my credit card account…

  49. Hi.
    I want to buy a mobile of rs 35000 through flipkart emi process..I want to know that it showing both credit card/debit card option so can i use debit card..next is it says the full amount will be deducted from ur card what does this mean..y full amount is deducting it should deduct the emi n another ques Is that full amount should b available on my acc or it will put a block upto that amount of rs..though my acc is nill or lesser amount…reply as soon as possible. ..

  50. Hai admin
    I have a kotak credit card and my credit is 15k but I’m used 10k my credit card available bal is 5k
    My qus is ..
    I want to buy Moto g 3
    Is it possible on Emi optns

    • Thanks but your credit limit should be equal or more than price of moto g 3.

      So if your credit limit is 5k, emi won’t be available unless you clear all payments use (10k)

  51. admin vry imp doubt………..i hav axis bank credit card….nd m going to buy moto g 3rd gen which is 12999/-…..nd iam intrstd to pay in emi scheme……for 12 months…which is exactly 1162/-………if i pay through emi my transaction cost total 12999/- or 1162/-………confused bcoz flipkart saying on day transaction is total cost of gadget and said it will refund with in 7 days….i dnt knw…..anothr doubt if my first transaction is 1162/- and from next month it will auto deduct from my account or i hav to pay monthly…..say me first as possible…….plz say me detailly about dis….dnt giv me any link…thats bull shit

    • 1. When you through EMI process, you will get SMS for full amount like 12999. To make sure you have available credit of 12999.
      2. Once the transaction completed the amount 12999 will be converted to Emi of 1162. So you will only see 1162 in your bill not 12999.
      3. All 12 months bill will be same if 1162. If you have selected auto-debit from credit card amount will be paid every month automatically. If there is no-debit in your credit card then you have to pay monthly manually.

  52. Dear SIr,
    Yesterday I purchased a refrigerator on flipkart and payment was done using SBI card through 12 EMIs.
    But the total amount is reflecting in my online SBICard account.
    Does it take for you 3-4 days for converting the total amount to EMIs???
    I am confused because i cant pay the whole amount at a time. ..and if EMI is not possible I will have to cancel my order. Please help me out ..

    Order no. OD003537887301677300.

    • I guess you have used SBI credit card and selected 12 EMI. If this is the case then yes full amount will convert to EMI in a week.


  54. Bought moto g 3rd gen worth Rs 12999 on SBI credit card EMI offer (9 months), got instant cashback discount of Rs 1300, please tell me what is my emi for every month?

  55. Hey Admin !

    I brought a product worth 5K via EMI (axis bank credit card). While transaction it charged the full amount which is 5k instead of monthly EMI amount which is 1.5K.

    Will the remaining money get credited again to my card or the whole amount will convert to EMi while paying ?

    Please explain in detail
    Thanks a lot in advance 🙂

  56. if i choose emi option then would i get the mobile instantly or after the full emi’s are payed , and also tell me what about the full charge on the card you wrote in step 4

    • After payment confirmed, then seller will ship the mobile. So you don’t have to wait for emi being paid.
      About full charge.. First payment gateway from Flipkart will deduct full amount then it will be converted to emi. So you have to pay only monthly emi payment.

    • Yes, Make sure your credit limit is more than or equal to prices of both phone .
      Phone 1 = 5000 + Phone 2 10000 , so your credit limit should be 15000+

  57. hi i want lenovo k3 note and i want on emi and i am purchasing from my pocket money and i dont have any bank account so what should i do?

  58. Dear team I bought mobile of 10k every month I have emi of 900 odd if I want to pay total amount at any point is possible if yes what is procedure ?

    • Yes, you can pay credit card payment more.. Like if your bill is 900 Rs then you can pay 2000 .. so you will have credit of 1100. Hope you got my point

  59. i have purchased an item for 10000 and have 12 months EMI with SBI, ur site does not let me choose EMI option next time, it there an issue or you would not let me do that?

      • i have purchased an item for 10000 and have 12 months EMI with citi till now i have payed for 5 months emi and now i want to pay the remaining amount in a single payment, how to proceed?

        • While playing select custom amount instead of bill amount. For example Once you add 5000 and your emi is 1000, then you will have 4000 in credit.. So next time bill will be zero for four month. Still i would suggest to confirm with citi bank

  60. Hi Team,
    I made purchase of iphone 6 using Axis credit card and selecting 12 months EMI. Now I have spoken to the Flipkart people and they say that the request fro 12 months EMI is confirmed but the Axis Bank is denying this. The Axis Bnak is saying I am required to convert it from Axis bnak side and have to pay them the processing fees. Flipkart, please confirm what is happening? Do I need to pay them the processing fees ?

  61. Hi,

    What is the procedure to close the emi options? i have purchased a phone two months back thru my credit card in emi options and ow i have sufficient funds to close this. Cud you please let me know the process?

  62. hi..
    if im buying a 12,000 phone and i select emi option with sbi credit card with 12 months emi.
    then at the time of product transaction it shows transaction of 12k will be done against the card.. and my credit card limits in 10,000 only..but the payment proceeds upto otp pin entry..so after transaction of 12k do my credit card will show full limit has been used?? with emi option
    thank you admin reply as soon as possible

  63. i m a new customer of flipkart and i have bought a asus zenfone selfie on emi of hdfc credit card. but i want to return dis phone and buy a samsung galaxy j7 from flipkart.. so plz tell me what is the process of refund to my hdfc bank credit card.. and return process..

  64. Dear admin, I have a credit card with a limit of 10000/-, can I avail a product online whose price is Rs 50000/-? The emi of that product is Rs 4900/- p.m. for 12 months period.

  65. Want to buy lenevo y50 notebook from flipkart it is around 85k while payment through emi sbi card how much I need to pay (interest)

  66. Q1 – I am buying an item via EMI,after some point of time, If I want to stop the EMI option and pay the balance amount, what could be the procedure?

    Q2 – Should I able to repay the EMI using different credit card

    Please help me out.

  67. I wan to buy mackbook pro worth rs 54000. So can i get it on emi via using my debit card. Is there are options rather than credit card to buy it.

  68. “4.Please note that the full amount will be charged on your card the day of the transaction. On next billing cycle you pay 1st EMI.”

    I bought a TV and Full amount is charged, but i have selected 12 Months EMI.Then what is use of choose EMI option?? Please explain it.

  69. Hi,i want to buy two mobiles for online EMI on flipkart which has different prices.for example 9000rs and 5000 rs worth.how is the EMI applied for this products.individually or for total the Amount i.e for 14000rs.?

  70. I didnt understand that if we select EMI option on a order thean will they take our amount in the account at once or after we pay EMI on that card monthly

  71. I dont understand this emi option correctly..I have choosen the emi option and after placing the order it has taken the full amount from my credit card so what is the use of paying me by emi.Now for the bank i should pay the full amount right…Explain it clearly please.

  72. sir i just got a credit card recently and i have a 2000 blnce..
    i want to buy a mobile of 23000 inr and emi is 1134 ..can i make the purchase?

  73. hi, i chosen a 15k mobile and credit card option and monthly payment of some amount. what should be the initial payment in my credit card so that i can go on with process.please answer me

  74. hello,
    my question is i want purchase mobile online in emi option..
    is required full amount at time of buying?

    how to process for this can u tell me in detail …

      • yes i have a credit card… but after buying product can i use remaining amount instead of emi… suppose take mobile of 7000 and emi whatever like 800… then block 7000 and they cut emi monthly 800… but in that amount can i use another 6000 or whatever amount…

  75. Hi I, wants to know that if my card limit is 25k and bought goods for rs 12k of EMI for 6 month giving 2000+interest.is only I have to pay 2000+some interest or have to pay more . And one thing if I pay more than 2k+interest like 3k or 4k then it vl be fine normal going or not.

    • You can check your monthly emi on checkout page. It will include interest.

      Pre paying emi wont work, you have to pay interest sooner or later.

      • Mr admin….. For purchasing a mobile of Rs 17999, Flipkart is showing 6 months emi amount as 18650(approx), Is service tax or any other interest rate is applicable on this amount?

  76. I bought 2 phones from flipkart using credit card emi. Both were placed under one order. One phone was returned and refund for that phone is credited to my credit card account. How will it affect my emi?

  77. i want to purchase a mobile by emi costly 10000
    but my account balance is 4000(sbi)
    but the card is not accepted
    what is the problem
    can u help me

    i think they want more deposit
    or other problem

    i totaly confused

  78. I’ve always purchased through flipkart via my AMERICAN EXPRESS Credit Card as most of my purchases exceed 10-20K. Last purchase I made was in the month of January. On 21-02-16, I tried buying a product worth 15K or so and there was no option for EMI via AMERICAN EXPRESS Credit Card. There is no repsonse from flipkart customer care. I’ve tried several products and several websites. No EMI option for AMEX Credit Card which was there until last month.

  79. suppose i want to buy 7999 mobile by emi and how much of amount will required in my creditcard on that time when im select to buying through emi,in fact after i deposit the money in creditcard but how much of amount required when im buying?

  80. I have bought a phone from flipkart for 10999 on EMI of Axis Bank credit card. Now I want to return the phone. I think flipkart will return whole amount to the bank. But what will happen to the emi scheme provided by bank. Will bank cancel my emi scheme ? If yes will bank charge me anything for cancellation?

    • Hello,

      Full amount is refundable , but interest rate charged by bank is not refundable .

      So, if your 1st emi already generated you have to bear charges of interest rate , it may be very low.

  81. Hello admin .I’m rishi I want to buy an iPhone 6s which is costing around 44,000/-.

    I want to purchase it through my credit card and my credit limit is 35k only . is it possible to purchase iPhone 6s ???

  82. Sir I am trying to purchase product on flipkart through bajaj EMI card but the payment options not showing me for bajaj EMI.what is process.How I can get it

  83. Hi,

    Was looking to buy galaxy s7 using my Bajaj Finserv Card thru EMI.

    Could find “‘No Cost EMI’ on Bajaj Finserv Card below the listed price of the item on the product page”.

    Pl advise.

  84. i have hdfc creadit card in that i have balance 2000 in creadit card…. i want to purchase mobile of 7000k so its possible me to purchase mobile with EMI option.
    or else i need to have balace all 7000k in my creadit card pls answer me sir

  85. Hello sir my name is Himanshu
    and i plan to buy a laptop worth rs 30000
    so can i use Bajaj Finserv EMI Card …
    If i am Eligible then what will be the interest rate for 3 month..

  86. By mistake i have select the only credit card option not the emi option so can i convert my one time payment into emi? Plz. Ans.

  87. if i want to purchase new mobile RS. 16000/-and want to choose emi. is it required to use only credit card or any other options are also available for it. as I have no credit card.can I able to get benefit of emi option.rply immediately.

  88. if suppose we buy a product for 10k and evry month we need to pay 2k ammount to the bank in EMI !! then do we need to hav only 2k ammount in d bank for EMI eligibility??

  89. i dot have credit card but i want to purches mobile so how can parches mobile in EMI option please suggest me is there any bajaj fiance facility for purches.

  90. I want to buy smart phone that is Samsung J 5 on EMI …online by using Flipkart mobile application but I dont Have Credit Card…I have ICICI bank account,I mobile application and also Pockets mobile application by ICICI Bank….pls help can I buy this on EMI option…

  91. HI FlipKart, I was buying an laptop but got a question in my mind and holds the process. Lets say i use emi option with my credit card for one laptop about 50K. Now suddenly the delivery fails due to unavailability of mine or any reason I cancelled the oder. What will happen? Will it count the actual delivery date as EMI startup date? Waiting for your feedback. After this, i could buy such amount of laptop from online.

  92. Just wanted to know if its possible to get a ps4 in EMI… and does it appy tp the whole cart of items ex: ps4 with controller and a game disc

  93. admin what is the eligibility for EMI,i want to buy a camcorder using sbi credit card,can i buy this product with the help of EMI option.And what would be the eligibility or process.reply as soon as posible.

  94. I have purchased a product of Rs.20,000
    My card limit is Rs.50,000
    At the time of transaction the it will deduct Rs.20,000 and Remaining OUTSTANDING Balance will be Rs.30,000
    Now, for example I have chosen a EMI of say 6 Months i.e. Rs.3,333.33 (3,334 Round Off) ignore the Interest part just for understanding.
    So, my question is after it gets converted to EMI, then what will happen to my Outstanding balance i.e., whether it will stucked on Rs.30,000 or it will be increased to Rs.30,000+(20,000-3,334)=Rs.46,666??
    How the Outstanding balance will work, whether it will remain there till the full payment or it will increase as the monthly EMI paid.

    Please help, I’m Really confused.
    Do reply as soon as possible

  95. i want to purchase a new mobile on emi but i do not have credit card or debit card that mentioned bank name, please advise process.

  96. my monthly payment 1000.. If my credit hard have suppose 5000. What happened that time .company debit all money or only 1000 rupee

  97. Bought a laptop for 55k from SBI Credit Card under No Cost EMI. Nw the full amount is blocked frm my card instead of the installment amount which was 6700/-.
    Unable to understand please someone explain.

  98. Hello sir, i want to buy a laptop in 24 emi @int. 15% from hdfc card.suppose its price is 30000.then total price is 30000+4500=34500.34500/24=rs1437.5. So my emi is rs.1437/-
    So how much amount will be deduct on first transction.

  99. Hi if I buy red me mi note 3 on Emi option for 12 months and it is written that you need to pay 1078rs every months so after 12 months is there any charge will be charged to me or that’s it i need to pay plzz rply

  100. hie ma bank balc is 10000 I want a product of 15000 can I get on emi ….or if I hv 20000 balance n I get the product of 15000 ..then before clearing the emi can I withdraw 10000 ….sir pliz ans fast

  101. Comment: i want to buy redmi note 4 of 32gb which cost 11000
    i want to buy it in 24 months EMI option
    i am having a credit card of kotak bank
    so is it require that i should have a balance of Rs.13k or more
    i want to buy it in a manner that every month i will go to bank and deposit 600Rs. every to the bank
    is it possible , plzzzz dont recomend a site for this plzzz sir

    • Your credit limit should be total price of the phone with interest. You have to pay your credit card bill every month . For more details contact your bank which provided credit card

  102. i want to by a panasonic eluge ray max
    on EMI plane under
    axis bank 24 month . how much i have to pay at frist time


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